Silman Thinking Technique #1

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Silman Thinking Technique #1
Silman Thinking Technique #1
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Jeremy Silman Analyzes His Chess Game with Imbalances EXCELLENT training!
Jeremy Silman Analyzes His Chess Game with Imbalances EXCELLENT training!
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Chess the Jeremy Silman Way. Powerful & Logical

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Bennie Blanks: Silman actually no longer endorses this planning technique. He explains this in the third edition of How to Reassess Your Chess.

Dustin Ransom: No offense to you Claus, because I know you are just doing your best, but essentially every strong player rejects the Silman Thinking Method nowadays because you will never remember a seven step method at the board and be able to spend 15 minutes going through it. Rather, the thinking method proposed by GM Aagaard in Positional Play of asking, "1. What is the opponent's idea? 2. What are the weaknesses? 3. What is the worst-placed piece?" covers all of the components of Silman's thinking technique in a more simplified and logical structure, without any dogma (for instance, frequently we play on both sides of the board with a single move). A brand new book by top coach IM Kislik proposes a very similar approach to Aagaard, but also mentions the focus of asking, "What are the pawn breaks in closed and semi-closed positions?" The book can be found here:

Again, no offense intended at all to the video maker. I just thought this could be helpful for viewers.

Dan O'Hanlon: You did an excellent job presenting these two videos. You have a true talent for explaining chess ideas. Thank you!

Napoleon Bibigun: ur slow

René Henriksen: Silman´s technique is a good way to determine a plan quickly and rationally based on where the imbalances are and where you should focus your attacking energy to play on the opponent´s weaknesses. Positional and combinative play merged together in a higher unity.

Sabyasachi Chatterjee: want more of this.Thanks

f3rrazm1chae1: What a crapty presentation.

Locutus D'Borg: Good for beginners.

Claus Jensen: Well, retreating the queen to f3 would eliminate the main imbalance in the game. White's advantage would be minimal

Jonathan: What is wrong with the move queen to f3 in the starting position ?

Yuva Y: Damn. Vincent Cassel is narrating..

John Warner: I've read reassess a few times and found this video a nice reminder of Silman's theory.Thanks

Princess Amore Dudette: haha made comments without watching the whole video. XD bad Yamui, bad! I gotta stop doing that. xP

sormu16: Hah! I saw it is 4 seconds!

Jai Prakash Singh: Hi Friends, Google Chess Thinking Systems

VegitoBlue: I saw g4 and h5 in 5 seconds

CaptainAndrewWiggins: great video. i would love to hear more of silman's examples. more more more more!

TheBackyardProfessor: GREAT video! I too am looking into Silman's teachings and find him very informative....

Abraham Lincoln: "... I had intended to push: Master the imbalances. Though I no long have faith in convoluted planning systems" -- IM Silman, How to Reassess Your Chess, 4th Edition.

Abraham Lincoln: "In the third edition of How to Reassess Your Chess", I gave a thinking technique that I had personally found useful over the years. I felt it might prove equally useful for higher-level amateurs who had been struggling to create logical plans. However, the passage of time (which always brings new experience and insight) drastically changed my view about the practicality of any complex system of planning.... I had inadvertently caused many hard working students to lose sight of the one goal..."
Silman Thinking Technique #1 5 out of 5

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Silman Thinking Technique #1