Silman Thinking Technique #1

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Jeremy Silman Analyzes His Chess Game with Imbalances EXCELLENT training!
Jeremy Silman Analyzes His Chess Game with Imbalances EXCELLENT training!
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Nicholas Barringer: rook g3 at some point looks strong...

Dan O'Hanlon: You did an excellent job presenting these two videos. You have a true talent for explaining chess ideas. Thank you!

Napoleon Bibigun: ur slow

René Henriksen: Silman´s technique is a good way to determine a plan quickly and rationally based on where the imbalances are and where you should focus your attacking energy to play on the opponent´s weaknesses. Positional and combinative play merged together in a higher unity.

Mark Wright: Silman's method has some very useful elements--I like the element of imagination that he stresses, but I think it needlessly complex. Don't get me wrong, I like Silman and I have several of his books, but I have discovered they are not a good fit for me.

Sabyasachi Chatterjee: want more of this.Thanks

f3rrazm1chae1: What a crapty presentation.

Locutus D'Borg: Good for beginners.

Claus Jensen: Well, retreating the queen to f3 would eliminate the main imbalance in the game. White's advantage would be minimal

Jonathan: What is wrong with the move queen to f3 in the starting position ?

Yuva Y: Damn. Vincent Cassel is narrating..

John Warner: I've read reassess a few times and found this video a nice reminder of Silman's theory.Thanks

Warren Johnson II: Mysall leave him alone roostersucker

Princess Amore Dudette: haha made comments without watching the whole video. XD bad Yamui, bad! I gotta stop doing that. xP

sormu16: Hah! I saw it is 4 seconds!

Jai Prakash Singh: Hi Friends, Google Chess Thinking Systems

gerry: I saw g4 and h5 in 5 seconds

CaptainAndrewWiggins: great video. i would love to hear more of silman's examples. more more more more!

TheBackyardProfessor: GREAT video! I too am looking into Silman's teachings and find him very informative....

Abraham Lincoln: "... I had intended to push: Master the imbalances. Though I no long have faith in convoluted planning systems" -- IM Silman, How to Reassess Your Chess, 4th Edition.
Silman Thinking Technique #1 5 out of 5

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Michael Huebner: Everyone missed the fact that Firebrand Archer just made the Pauper Burn deck a major Tier 1 deck in the format. 4-5 damage lightning bolt, 5-6 damage Fireblast, 2-3 damage Needle Drop, etc.  The Pauper Burn deck consistently wins on turn 4 or 5 at the latest.  Firebrand Archer is too powerful for a common.  I would go as far to say that it is more powerful than Delver of Secrets.
Chris Cross: adventure club ftw *-*
TribusGaming: i remember when it was like this
Redrally: Ugh, makes me glad Gamescom had food that was good and reasonably priced. My dinner was spring rolls and Chinese noodles! :D
Сергей: А можно при работающем рейсмусе, менять толщину съема заготовки или надо выключить станок, отпустить фиксатор, поменять толщину съема, закрепить фиксатор только потом включать?
rjc523: i feels like it would limit how many games you can rent tbh.
Egor Sorokin: Jordan 23

Silman Thinking Technique #1