Sound Blaster E1 Review! - [Headphone Amp]

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Sound Blaster E1 Review! - [Headphone Amp]
Sound Blaster E1 Review! - [Headphone Amp]
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Adithya Phanish: this or fiio k1?

James Parker: How do I use the mic on my headset and not the built in mic on the amp? I’m using it through my controller on Xbox one and it works fine but it only lets me use the built in mic

Marcelo Caique: what an ideal setting for anyone playing cs: go on soundblaster e1?

Aeneas Mylonas: could you connect it with a ps4 or no does anybody know ? whats the beest similar diice i can use in both pc and ps4 ?

esperCELL: 1:56 is that a 4 pole jack on the left?

Viktor Lundquvist: yeah, ohm is NOT power nothing actually requires Ohms

early culyer: Have you tried the mic?

hobby pro: hey do hyperx cloud need amp or not

Mr Rygar: @Scan Computers Do I need an amp for my Sennheiser Game Zero's as they're 50 Ohms.

Steve Kays: Im using this to hook up my laptop to my rather high end stereo. I am hoping the extra $50 I spent on this sound card makes my system sound better, and so far from listening for a couple hours I think it does, but that could be because I want to believe that too.

Floki: it have big diffrent about e1 and e5 ?? or its just many ports on e5 ?

Voshchronos: Can I connect a standalone condenser mic in this and use it normally? Like a BM-800 or a Blue Yeti?

Raphael Chagas: Between E1 Sound Blaster and Q1 Fiio which is better?

Raphael Chagas: Would that be OK to use it on a desktop setup?

JlMBO: your headphones the HD 250 are from 1991-1995 lol

Anas Khateeb: I run athm50x on ps4 controller ! And it sounds really low, please tell me i will hear better and louder sound of i get this !

Nick Davidson: you said ohms when referring to power.... That's like calling a chicken a cat

leslie dean brown: Q: can it record from a stereo microphone?

Camilo José: this video is sooo freaking garbage, you should research a little bit about audio or electronics before doing this kind of crap.

Impedance is a measurement of resistance which is a physical property of the voice coils on the headphones

And you can get really high en and easy to drive headphones, audiotechnica msr7 are low impedance, sennheiser hd 630bv are low impedance, sennheiser momentum 2 are low impedance, shure srh 1540 are low impedance, higher end doesnt mean more impedance

Camilo José: reuires 300 ohms? maybe it IS 300ohms
Sound Blaster E1 Review! - [Headphone Amp] 5 out of 5

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Adithya Phanish: this or fiio k1?
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Sound Blaster E1 Review! - [Headphone Amp]