My Empties/reviews/let's Talk Trash!

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My empties/reviews/let's talk trash!
My empties/reviews/let's talk trash!
My empties/product reviews/let's talk trash!
My empties/product reviews/let's talk trash!
My empties. let's talk trash!
My empties. let's talk trash!
Let's Talk Trash~ May Empties~Reviews~ 2017
Let's Talk Trash~ May Empties~Reviews~ 2017
🗑️ LET'S TALK TRASH   K-Beauty Empties #25
🗑️ LET'S TALK TRASH K-Beauty Empties #25

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Angela Giering: I have a pecan pumpkin cake I just started this morning. So good. I love candles and scents.

Angela Giering: Oh Hawaiian tropic. I might try that next time. I can't afford my Sol Dr Janeiro Brazilian bumbum cream anymore after I use up the two I have left.

Angela Giering: I use a bottle of hand soap a week. I am constantly washing my hands.

Angela Giering: I love that spic and span. I always have a couple bottles. It smells good

Angela Giering: Omg lol I thought it was colon grabber. Not enough sleep , my eyes. I had a bad dream last night and I couldn't get back to bed.

amanda r: I think that you and I have talked about Country Apple before? It reminds me of high school and I love it! How do you make febreeze?❤️

Nicole Burgess: Country apple is one of my favs from bbw too! Anything apple scented from there! Love the empties as always♡♡

Divabaybe Emily Thomas: I may have to try those color sheets thanks for sharing :-)

Andrea Strobel: Just love you empties videos Nicole. Love that you review them. Love that you give us tips also. Just want to thank you for the heads up on the $10 dollar Happy Planner at Michael's. Mine is medium size. Just love it. I wanted to get the smaller one too, but decided to just get one. I have smaller dollar tree planners that I need o use. I haven't started decorating mine yet though. I always wanted one but couldn't afford it. But 10 bucks was a great price.
I will have to get that Hawaiian Tropic Lotion! Thanks for sharing! :)

juliet bonilla 7: Hi nicole i love your empties videos especially cause you review your empties. have a blessed weekend

Hope Sisk: i lovedermasil

Regina Klepka: I just bought a candle from Kohls the same brand in Key Lime Pie. I paid under $10.00 for it and I love it!!tfs😉

KrisTina Campbell: My Serena loves the B&BW's Apple scents

Tee Dee and Family: Thanks Nicole! Love hearing your opinions on empties! Have a great day!

MSanchez210: I love country apple! I have the lotion and it smells amazing. Tfs ❤️Maria

Celine Sanchez: Thanks Nicole I always enjoy your videos. God bless

Only-In-My-Dreams *: I always wondered about the Sonoma Candles at Kohls thanks for the review. I really enjoy the Spic/Span spray too. Hugs
My empties/reviews/let's talk trash! 5 out of 5

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My empties/reviews/let's talk trash!