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Алия Оразбекова: Где скачать ? Дайте ссылку пожалуйста,
TheNuggetNinja: Bruh the second shoe is NOT for skating. It looks like a basketball shoe to me....
Kieran McCabe: Heroquest!
The kiler: Top crap games some on steam + plus two guys that read the wiki of the game
Jim Craft: I can NOT figure out the straps for the life of me. Is there any way you can do a separate video just showing how the straps attach? Mine has a hole on the left-hand side and no hole on the right-hand side. I assume this is a manufacturing defect... May take it back to Harbor Freight to exchange and hope the new one's straps are already attached.
Emily Rivera: Tb to when Matt didn’t bully you😂
Theo Keith Jones: that was nasty... rewind play that again.. fire on they ass

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