Haunted Bell Witch Cave - Adams, TN

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Haunted Bell Witch Cave - Adams, TN
Haunted Bell Witch Cave - Adams, TN
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Nicco Lyss: At 1:11 look at the middle of the screen and u will see a face throught the little opening

The Engineer: Don't get much more freaked up than this.. old man raped his daughter for 20 years down there and it's a damn tourist attraction......

Bobshouse: Nice, you made that tiny little "cave" look quite large in your video.  It's really nothing more than a small inlet into the side of a hill.

Kayla Pritchard: This is not a cave to mess with. The witches are watching. 👀beware.

Kristin Labauve: my great granny used to tell me stories about the bell witch when I was a youngin

PelgarRBLX: this is the most haunted place in america .-.

Maureen Desquitado: Ghost Adventures investigated the Bell Witch cave. I am watching Ghost Adventures right now on the Travel Channel San Diego calif.

glusniffermm: I took a rock from the cave 20 years ago. A section of a piece of flowstone. Its supposed to be bad luck to do that but I had no worse or better luck. Maybe I'll return it one day. ; P

Avenging Angel: Back in the past my ancestors were crusaders for the Catholic church of Spain. In that time how we see meth and cocaine today is how my ancestors saw witchcraft contraband. I can only imagine what they went through, walking through caves like that with a dim latern hunting witches with a sword. Apparently witches were scared to death of them though. Marching in like a walking tank with all of that steel armor. They used a shackle attached to a pole, and the collar had sharp metal spikes incase the witch attempted to pull away. No wander it was called the dark ages.

instantescape: Jessie smith you are right. I no longer look for spirits, they are all around us anyway, and the method we use and most investigators use to find activity is very flawed and also too simplistic to ever proclaim proof of spirits imo. I have had good e.v.p.'s from some places but even then I wonder if it's a voice or a background noise, so I gave up the hint and now just enjoy the sites as historic, or a natural phenomenal place to see!!

Jessie Smith: Wife and I went a few years back.  Interesting to see.  Wish I had worn rubber boots, stream inside was a little higher than normally due to recent rains.  Didn't mind getting feet wet in sneakers, but that water was COLD.  Nothing creepy happened that day.  Want to revisit one day.  There are several books on the subject and two or three movies.  The one with Donald Sutherland is not very well like in the area, it portrays Mister Bell as a child abuser/molester.  Yeah it's kinda of touristy but so what.  I dig caves and caverns though I am too old to be spelunking in a "wild" cave rather than a "tourist cave".  By the way, non-specialty cameras especially videos tend not to work too well in damp caves.

Finn: if u acshouly go there in real life

Finn: dis crap is so freaking creepy

BendyBus Song: Years ago I went to the Bell Witch place in Adams on Halloween.  They had hay rides out to a field and then we walked in groups a ways into the woods and they said that's where the witch was buried.  Of course it's at night and even though most of us had flashlights, it was still dark.  Well, the tour guide was standing over this place that had a couple sunk in spots that could have been graves and all of a sudden there was this pig type snort growl behind him in the woods.  Everyone freakin RAN back to the field where the hay ride had dropped us off.  I happened to be positioned to where I was last running up the trail since the tour guide FLEW so fast that he ended up being first when he started out as last.  So I'm running through the woods LAST with whatever it was on the back of my neck!It was scary a little bit since it may or may not have been a prank.I read a book on the Bell witch and, yes the hauntings are real.  Happened a long time ago, I believe President Jackson visited the Bell family home and witnessed the witch harassing people.  There were many other well known/famous people who witnessed as well. It is reported that the witch hated black folks, and the Bell family had slaves.  So whenever the little black boy who was in charge of coming into the master house to light all the fires early in the morning, whenever he was late, the witch would beat the crap out of him and call him names.

nik Pom: are these peaople playing dumb man its probllaly yust freaking rocks damn


justonefyx: Camera out of focus. Must be a ghost. Never underestimate people's ability to go full retard.

ROBIN NAJERA: a other warning is never try  to squeeze through the closing wall dead end  so you better turn back cause theres a little passageway where you can squeeze through to pass to the other side of the wall and there they say the bell witch lives

Sadie Reed: Bell Witch cave is a tourist trap. In fact in the families dairies it said the cave was the only place they could get away from the Bell Witch, or Kate. The youngest daughter would go there often to pray since she was constantly tormented. 

Zaria Jackson: like if you are watching this on Halloween 
Haunted Bell Witch Cave - Adams, TN 5 out of 5

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Nicco Lyss: At 1:11 look at the middle of the screen and u will see a face throught the little opening
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Haunted Bell Witch Cave - Adams, TN