Great Expectations - Behind The Scenes With Lena Dunham And The Cast Of Girls

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Kate Lee: Allison is gorgeous

Wolfpack8706: Allison Williams is the only hot one on this show of ugly women.

Elizabeth Cabrera: Really going to miss Girls :')

cauthoncrazy: holy cow jemima looks so much like lola here!!

Mrs Me Mrs Me: lena dunham is actually pretty

Camille E: big luve gaaals

ashley 5827: Jemima is so gross in this. You got an amazing job and you act like you don't care or like being there. How spoiled

M. S. BitEth: Lena Dunham is an incestuous jew pedophile that should be put to death.
as soon as possible. She should have been aborted as an fetus.

Miss Reinita: DUMP DIABLO TRUMP!!!!!

Master: I binge watched season 1 & 2 of the show, and it's frustrating. I've never hated a protagonist as much as Hannah. And how does she freak so much, especially for someone that isn't very attractive? It kills me that they spend so little time on the few characters that I like, especially in the 2nd season. The unnecessary nudity is weird, too. The weirdness goes to another level when you notice that it's only her that gets nude all the time. There was one scene where Marnie takes a duvet with her to the toilet - the freaking toilet!

Mariano Morán: We've come a long way! Series is getting better all the time!

Steph Lane: PEDOPHILE!!!!

Jennica: everyone chill the freak out. the way jemima said it clearly just came across the wrong way

AnneScrubsFan: Allison Williams is awesome! Obviously she's gorgeous but she's also very clever. Just watch her interview on Craig Ferguson and you'll love her.

PeaceandLove: I absolutely love these girls and the show especially Jemima Kirke. I admire her free spirit lifestyle. She is absolutely not a douche she is too an artist as well as Lena.

Katy W: But she does her character so much justice! Love Shoshanna!

Julia Dat: The girl who plays Marnie is actually quite different: bright and funny.

Priscilla Karidis: i believe she meant, "cadence". it's sorta like vince vaughn, who they say always plays himself. not more or less meek, not more or less vivacious, not more or less subdued, same beliefs, same expressiveness, same actions, not a different character, not acting, portraying themselves. cast because they literally already ARE that character, not someone playing someone radically different than themselves but i personally see no issue with that. just clarifying the whole "cadence" thing. ;)

Priscilla Karidis: i see "uncomfortable" and maybe doesn't consider herself an actress nor want this life. weren't you listening to the interview? lena says she had to talk her into being on an hbo show.

nicole12elizabeth: clearly neither of you are actors. being a good actor doesn't require you change your voice or personality for every role. jesus. i hate how every average joe thinks they are a critic. these women are insanely talented.
Great Expectations - Behind the Scenes with Lena Dunham and the Cast of Girls 5 out of 5

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Kate Lee: Allison is gorgeous
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Poison Empress: I'd rather you didn't use zombie apocalypse as a statement without suggesting it's a joke, some people may take that series and avoid the video. Other than that, a great video.
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Great Expectations - Behind the Scenes with Lena Dunham and the Cast of Girls