Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 2x15: Skye Uses Her Power

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Draugen: I miss bobbie...

mmwpro63: The few moments when this show goes full-on CGI are always great.

emxly -: wth im on season 1, is this even the same person

Lance Gu: teleports in
"would you like to go home"
teleports out

I mean I don't watch this but that's cool af

kookygremlin24: Quake, Destroyer of Trees

Peterli Studer: shooting solution, my keyes#1 "skyemye, skynet, skyemaya, daisy johanson, flowchart, flor, german, flow, flower, in the wind, earth writes, water speaks, fire reburns, air changes, fifth element, waterfall, han, foss, berden, forumtroll, nerf,solo,hyperbolic,doormat,dump,bumb,well,core,uwe boll, fuubar,carebare,flopp,dump,bump,mate,m8,buddy,boxythingy=stuffythecat,skyedye, doll, the wave,CrittCritter,ZitterZit,Goooglegogogo,invaderZim,BimmerBim"

what the hell skye, what the fsck is a 'BimmerBim' -- Hungarian Notation

-Bored Prisoner By Boredome, sensecrime convict, datalinks

Sean Wheeler: Stop calling her Skye, her name is Daisy!

I know this is before she went by Daisy, but if you don't get the joke, she doesn't like being called Skye anymore and her dad never liked the name Skye.

Tylar: Why doesnt she unleash this kinda power more often, instead of using a more controlled version

DarkShinobi 47: 0:53 ALMIGHTY PUSH

Chrome Fantasia: Why are her powers here are better than black bolts voice in inhumans. #

Leoben Bouche: When Quake using his power is more epic than Medusa using her hair in Inhumans.

Jasmin Sekic: its cool no trees were harmed in these scene

matt calautti: thank for the origins skye. love all of you. majc peace


nuurG: That girl can cause destruction though!

Xevris: Skye: "Gordon, help..."
Gordon appears
Me: "Wtf?!"

renie miller: SHINRA TENSEI!!!

Louis Ashurst: this is one of the best and most powerful scenes with her powers. she needs to do more of these explosive shockwaves, she's always holding back her true potential

ZkK679: wow she has lost her parents twice lost people she loved (friends and intamte relationships) so many times also she was controlled by hive to hurt the ones she loves and she has powers that can cause and earthquake if I was her I would try to split the world in half hust see if I could

talia grace: She has avengers level powers so I hope she's in the Inhumans movie
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 2x15: Skye uses her Power 5 out of 5

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onion: 5 years later and I still remember this word for word
Josue Rivera: truth. good crap
Draugen: I miss bobbie...
Rulle2000: when come the sets in the shop?
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 2x15: Skye uses her Power