Nays Postie Bike Part 4

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What to do with a Postie Bike
What to do with a Postie Bike

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Jimo368: I use a muffin pan to sort nuts and bolts.

lonestarrider: Lots of work with a good system! Great Vid!

TheBookaroo: Hi, just wanted to suggest a tool for you, when you have a screw that is stuck like on the postie, try a manual impact driver, it's a screwdriver that you hit with a hammer, the impact turns the screw and helps the screwdriver to stay in place at the same time, it is really effective.

Skeggy Cruiser: Good video Mark, it's a shame you forgot to press record at the beginning but hey "crap Happens" at least we got to see some, RSM8.

IRON MAN: Ok I want to see the crew you have taking apart the bike ....cause you two are the cleanest I have ever seen working on bikes ! lol  Looks like you have a little welding to do and the other weld needs some tlc to me thinks. Great work guys waiting for part 5 .

techheadkd: hey mate, just curious how the auctions work? im looking into getting a postie bike for my first bike and would love one straight from aus Post :) cheers in advance :)

Sean Rich: Nay's knocked up @ 1:20, LoL. Hi Mark/Nay, Get yourself a "manuaI Impact Driver"
for removing stubborn bolts/screws. They work great. I agree with everyone else, weld her up whiles your at it. Good Stuff! Take Care.

1CRA2YM0F0: My job here in the States is taking motorcycles a part for recycling and salvage.  Your on the right track for keeping things organized.  As for the broken bits, you might as well weld them up and fix it right, especially after all the work your going to put into your postie.  Love your videos.

Johnny Bear McFarlane Jnr: following with much interest, the colour has got my so friggen interested... lol.... a great job so far :)

Biker Bits: G'day guys, Nay's Postie Bike gets pulled apart for the sake of re-painting. HOLY crap... what have we done! Hope you enjoy :-) Cheers... Mark

Sum4Seb: Nicely done! You two really stripped it down to the frame. Being organized is definitely a plus when putting it back together. Looking forward to the final reveal! T4S

Nicola Robynson: Good Stuff & bad side of strip down you find issues like that, I did on my B105P n CT1 and like that parts store and nay's Idea of bags good idea plus I have to ask a friend gave me a Parts washer and seen yours what do you use and can i get it in the uk

Lindsay L: Hey mark n NAY congrats on the tare down guys if you have got a MIG or TIG welder I would weld those pieces back in if you would want to pay someone to do it for you as I believe that it is unroadworthy in that condition but good luck with it you guys are doing great with the videos have fun

regulardan: Big job! Looking forward to getting cracking on mine now :) Not  for some time yet though. Good Idea with all the bags. I would imagine there are a lot of little parts to keep track of

oldBRATTrider: All looking good... May be a little welding / brazing on the frame... It's all repairable...  Looking forward to the next segment...

Zane Chapman: First
Nays Postie Bike Part 4 5 out of 5

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Nays Postie Bike Part 4