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Mean Girls - Trailer
Mean Girls - Trailer
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Sávio Corrêa: Brazil be like: 2:11

Doll Chan: Who wants to see this but Roblox version?

believe: Regina George : Taylor swift
Gretchen wienners :Selena Gomez
Karen Smith : hailee steinfeld
Kady heron : katy perry
Janis ian : Kim kardashan

B Silviu: this is so overrated!

The. Movie. Nerd: happy 10th anniversery
love this movie

Tainted Love: She's on crack now . (Lindsay)

陳小帆: What is this film first song since00:42??

陳小帆: What is this film first song ?

Tiany De la Cruz: llo la vi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackal head: this movie has sooo many memorable quotes that stuck into my head

MADLeon13: Happy 10th Anniversary

noemistephanie93: I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS 10 YEARS OLD! DAMN! i remember seeing commercials of it on easter and wanting to see it but i couldn't since i was 10! wow its been 10 years since lindsay lohan was my idol! god i feel old!

Beclocs: 10 years...  Lindsey at her best... the Plastics are still hot;  Lindsey... not so much.   On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Abby Wilson: You go, Glenn Coco!

behatiblair: "you go glenn coco"

vernicegirl8987: today is the ten year aniversity!!

James Waterson: FineBros...

foosheezoo: Excited for the sequel

EVILIMPERIALISM23: Wow this movie is 10 years old . Wow when I was a teenager !! Now I am 27 and feeling OLD :(
Trailer "Mean Girls" 5 out of 5

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Sávio Corrêa: Brazil be like: 2:11
The Legend: So wait it records you playing games right
Ahmed Mokhtar: You take too many risky actions ... ironically logic & efficient ,
but it's the only way to play "State of Decay".

Ben Wong: i liked it for the mixcard part
Renato Sequeira: Boa noite Dudu tenho um zen fone 2 e estou trocando por um sony Z2 fiz bom negócio?E um bom custo benefício estou trocando por que a câmera do zen fone 2 a noite fica desfocado o z2 já não tem esse problema abraço e parabéns pelo trabalho
jayive34: 46:30 Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee!
Oğuzhan Yanık: Harika