Deerbrook Quiver Tablet Review And Giveaway

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Deerbrook Quiver Tablet Review and Giveaway
Deerbrook Quiver Tablet Review and Giveaway
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jt3000o: you know you can get a nexus 7 2013 edition for the same price

Khalil Harris: Great review. I would use it for book downloading,research,and presentation

Willie D.: Winners have been selected!  If I don't hear from them by the end of the week I'll select runner up winners.  Congrats to those who won, I'll be looking for private messages from you!

Luis Antonio Arévalo Sifontes: Es una tablet muy cómoda de usar y el precio es muy bueno.

Paul Garcia: Man, if i get that thing, I would like to play around with some home automation. All of the paid apps are for my daughter so that would help as well!

Kevin Purcell: Cool review. I'll use it for online and reading. Some games and presentations.

Willie D.: In honor of the 4th of July which is Independence Day in the good ole U.S.A. I'll be giving 3 additional gift cards away in addition to the tablet gift card combo that I'm giving away. So a total of 4 gift cards and a tablet. BOOM!

This will last through the weekend with winners being announced on Monday. To enter, comment on my Deerbrook Quiver Tablet video with what you would do with the tablet and or gift cards and subscribe to my channel.

If you win I will send you a private message with the gift card code, and if you win the tablet, I will message you the code for that gift card and get your shipping address.

Unfortunately, this is only open to people in the U.S. so apologies to those outsidethe country.

Good luck!

EpyonRoyal: So did you select a winner for this device yet? ;)

Coon-strudel: I'm excited for the announcement. I have a younger sibling that could use a Google Play card for a few apps he wants to share with me. :)
Gosh, I'd be putting that tablet to work xD

antonio cortez: I'll use it to read comics

DP2050: Could use one for testing my upcoming game ;)

Jon Crawford: Give it to my son for school (hopefully) and some casual gaming.

David Burger: I'd use it for maps, book reading, and gaming.  Thanks for the chance to win!

themghare: I'd use it to read all of the books!

Willie D.: Giveaway update!

I am going to be including a $10.00 Google Play Store Gift Card with this tablet.  I'm also going to be doing another giveaway for Google Play Store gift cards which I will post about separately.  Winners for both sets of giveaways will be announced Wednesday evening.  Stay tuned!

Jonas Kvale: I would probably use this tablet as a daily driver as I do not own a smartphone... but I love the Android OS! Things like social media, web browsing, video calls, etc. would come in handy for me on this tablet! I love the design too! Looks really cool :)

Coon-strudel: I'll also be doing some emulation gaming, and watching some netflix and youtube. I wont let it collect dust or go to waste, if it seems like that's what it looks like I'd do. xD

GyuGya McLieForever: I sold itt to buy a gamer pc

EpyonRoyal: I'd love to install this in my car!
Subscribed to the channel!

Elizabeth S: I would give it to my aunt who is new to Android (via phone) and it would be her first tablet.
Deerbrook Quiver Tablet Review and Giveaway 5 out of 5

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Rosie RG: I remember this game when I was younger, maybe a little too young cus I had no idea how to play it, but man this brings me back
jt3000o: you know you can get a nexus 7 2013 edition for the same price
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Archana Yadav: app kaun hai
cj morante: nice video
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Deerbrook Quiver Tablet Review and Giveaway