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ambernicole299: Okay I have a Question. I am very pale, I don't tan At All. I was wondering is this self tanner gonna look like I applied something or will it look natural? I know that someone with a tan, they actually have a base to start with, but with some one like me i don't have a base to start with, just pure white. So is it gonna look bad on me? Thank you so much!!! =)

MamiChula8153: @starassist1977 So glad you like!! :)

diesel vegas: Thanks! I watched this vid then decided to give it a try and I love this stuff!! it's the only self tanner I've ever tried which didn't turn me orange. perfect. love it.

Adrian Rahl: *still kinda dark* but i def need re-application.

MamiChula8153: @sexxiemammie I apply the tanner once a week :) and moisturizer everyday after.

MamiChula8153: @shuqahx3 Luckyy youu :)

Denisse Guzman: Great video!!

Zee: lmao your cousin sooooo funnyy!! i'm indian so i have a natural tan ;)

Adrian Rahl: *UPDATE* now that its a day later, and i (the cousin) have taken a shower. the color looks incredibly natural. im kinda mad i didnt use it all over bc it looks like a legit tan.

MamiChula8153: @LINDOCULIACAN :) Thank you for watching!

MamiChula8153: @l0vepink143 :) Thanks lovee

MamiChula8153: @ColombianDiior LOLLL he's something else

MamiChula8153: @lilimendoza1 Lol thank you!

MamiChula8153: @brklynbeauty It sincerely does :) Its the self tanner I use myself

MamiChula8153: @northsideqirl :)

MamiChula8153: @etoshalopez1 Just the moisturizer :)

MamiChula8153: @ladyray713 LMAOO :)

Constance Aguilar: haha loved the video! it was fuuny =) and yess i do want to try out that stuff because where i live i will never be able to tan even in the summer! lol. =) and tell tu primo to make some videos!! haha

lilimendoza1: tan skin with some humor! nice! great job guys!

Adrian Rahl: @ladyray713 yes! i should get my own channel!
♥ Sun Lab Self Tanner Review♥ 5 out of 5

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♥ Sun Lab Self Tanner Review♥