Alice Madness Returns: Hysteria Makeup Tutorial

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Alice Madness Returns Review
Alice Madness Returns Review
Alice: Madness Returns - Review + Viewer Consensus
Alice: Madness Returns - Review + Viewer Consensus
Alice Madness Returns review
Alice Madness Returns review

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Quinlan Stewart: You should do something for Frozen! Like what you did for Jack Skelington--the pumpkin king... just add your own spin to it!

Olivia White: Can we get an Edward Scissor-hands?

Cassie Dominguez: Love this game!!!! What an awesome tutorial!

ada wong: your really good you should do some creepypasta make up :)

beautyloverx1024: I want you & PinkStylist to do a collab so bad!

madjennsy: awesome!!

Adry Concepcion: Awesome I like your videos .

narmeena851: I love your tutorials! Madness returns is such a great game ^^ I'm just wondering: why do you always use regular make-up and not switch to airbrush? Have you ever tried to do airbrush bodypainting? Greetings from Germany

Jany B: Hey Lex can you please do a titan (from attack on titan) make up tutorial?!?!? PLEASEEEEE <3 the female titan would be awesome and you are the bestttt make up artist ive ever seen i love you <3


OneLifeDaily: this make up is SO WOW.  omg, Lex

-: AWESOME ! Please do more alice madness returns- videos! <3

Haley Gladson: I really cannot express how much your videos have helped me through the past few months. It's been a rough one and it's been so nice to find a lady that has an appreciation for weird stuff, like myself. It's hard to find weird people in Oklahoma. :)

Maria J: This is A-MAZ-ING! 

Rachel Chen: She's already drop dead gorgeous.

Eunhee Jung: I looove this makeup! :D <3

Renate oh: this is perfect

Renate oh: yes YES FINALLY YOU DID MY BABY yes

Corrinne Barrera: This is amazing !!! I'm actually having an alice and wonderland theme tea party and these tutorials are very helpful ^_^ can you do a regular alice make up tutorial From alice madness returns? It would be greatly appreciated :D

Jazz Wickershim: WOW! I am flat out amazed at the wok on the key!! I was watching to see if it hurt to have that big thing hanging from your neck...
Alice Madness Returns: Hysteria Makeup Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Georgia Brookes: Hey it's Georgia
Lansen Ellazar Caravalho: This is so awesome
Goodi2shooz: Awwww Love da Dusty! I think she was more interested in your Jim n Ginger in the beginning. I loved these Butterfingerish things when they first came out. Great review guys, Alex remins me of my handsome cousins.
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Glen Dooer: Do the same with a Ceramic floor tile,,
Michael Lambino: The practical effects are good, but the problem is the movie is too dark to see much of it. Even when the creature has bioluminescent bulbs on its tendrils, it flashes like a strobe light. I wanted to see the creature but I couldn't. Compare the actual 1982 the thing, you had full visual clarity of the antarctic base even during the storm. When the thing did show up, the showed it in its full alien horror.
Αργυρώ Φαλιέρου: Tis times na les an mporeis.. eisai poli kali kai katatopistiki sta proionta pou mas deixneis mpravo sou.

Alice Madness Returns: Hysteria Makeup Tutorial