Intro To Psychology - Crash Course Psychology #1

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Coffeee Kinz: It very interesting and see why we do differently and what our brains want us to do

Tarun Akash: dude you are soooooo fast

Seunghyun’s Wife: Im 15 yrs old and recently i realize i want to study psychology but the thing is im not good in math will that work?

DeniceDraws ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: I am watching psychology videos by my own will BUUT CANT STUDY FOR MY PSYCHICS EXAM.

Sup: I’m here because I’m a twelve year old girl who is already pressured by school to choose what I want to be when I am older. Thank you for letting me learn this for the future.

peachziyi: can anyone send me a doc or pdf of this entire course lmao

Alyssa Avena: I'm here because I really wanted to take Psychology. But sadly, I ended up in taking the course which ..

Hydraz: Am I the only one here who's not revising or studying psychology? I'm just watching because it's interesting tbh

Riya Mehta: You forgot to talk about gestalt's psychology

Roarzan: Not a single mention of Carl Jung. Disappointing.

Nicklas Ratzka: instant dislike when you said, Aristotle was wrong.
its just an oversimplification, you can interpret the words of him in different ways.

Ambreen Kokab: Crash Course, you guys doing great job, please keep going!

cloudy day: But it has no structure. Psychology is more accurate for disorder not order.

Sena Moses Satria: that `1.57 climax

Animeislife: am I crazy when I talk to myself a lot
in english
(im german)

Tito World: Video is completely USELESS for all you actually wanting to master psychology.

Here’s why:

Most important factor is that nobody actually knows how in depth the human mind can go and can sustain. For example I may have 10 years of traveling the world, partying, family activity’s as well, but how much of that will I actually remember and sustain in my brain? And is it possible to keep it all inside , how much more can my mind hold is there a limit? Etc..

Therefore do not waste time on watching a lecture on famous people in history who spoke about psychology. Because you need to master within yourself to make it come to life. Otherwise your wasting your time on a history lesson. Plain and simple .

I would tell you how to start your journey.

It starts with yourself, monitoring your daily behavior not conscious but unconscious, meaning go thru your day with your normal activities. By the end of the day when you are in bed in silence and ready to shut down for the night. Begin the process of observation and reasoning in your mind. Why did I do this ceremony thing today? , what did I gain out of it?, could I have done without?, was it good or bad?, etc.. study yourself . After this which should take some time till you gain wisdom. Then you can move on to people comparing them to you and comparing the differences etc..

Again there is so much to be said and done.

But do not waste your time here in these type of videos.

hah 99: In wich video they talk about hinghsight bias

armin faizi: i had it and i saw the future and it actualy happend evertything thing dat was in my mind happend in real life after that

Secily Eldridge: I’m not taking Psych until next year lol

KissFromNicole _: Anybody else watching to prepare for a test?🙋‍♀️ ´cuz I´m
Intro to Psychology - Crash Course Psychology #1 5 out of 5

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Intro to Psychology - Crash Course Psychology #1