Premier Protein Energy For Every Day Challenge 2!

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Premier Protein Energy For Every Day Challenge 2!
Premier Protein Energy For Every Day Challenge 2!
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Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Thanks for checking out the video Jenny! Keep up the incredible progress and small steps towards long term changes for the better! :)

Jenny Hodges: My biggest obstacle is eating breakfast and re-fueling between long workouts! I've lost 212 pounds through diet and exercise and now that I'm working out harder than ever to train for some big races, I need to fuel my body more and I'm having issues wrapping my head around that mental game of eat more to burn more.

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Very nice! Wish I could do some beach running now but its 20 degrees and snowing in Boston right now haha. Good 5k time man, I know you can improve it like mine! My best recently was 23:30 and I need to best that this upcoming weekend! Despite being sick for the entire past week...

1x4x9: My best 5k time to date is 26 minutes, I found running with a vest when training helps 10-20 lbs also beach running is cool. Whats your goal ?

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: I hear that, there are always commitments and distractions that take priority over working out, sometimes as they should but other times that workout is just as important. I like the tactic of getting it done first thing, I've had a tough time with it in the past but once you make it a habit it becomes like clockwork! Thanks for entering and do it up!!

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Showing up is half the battle indeed! Sometimes even more! Good tactic, I've been doing that a few times as well after my new job, definitely works but not always easy either. Thanks for entering and keep gettin after it!

Chris Rudnick: My biggest obstacle is scheduling time to work out and staying committed to it. With work as well being a grad student, things come up and distract me from sticking to a schedule. My plan to overcome this in 2013 is to work out morning before work. I think I will be more successful getting my workout done in the morning before starting the workday.

Amanda Santucci: Biggest obstacle: Actually getting myself to go to the gym. It's challenging until you get into a routine of working out. It just takes some motivation and consistency to get there. How do I overcome it? I make myself workout right after work, so I consider it part of my 'workday!'

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Very true! I used to go 110% all day everyday on workouts but found it more detrimental than helpful. Gotta train smart not hard sometimes, really great goal and advice, thanks for entering Alison! REST REST REST! :)

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: I know that is a tough thing to manage, it takes some getting used to running in the cold and I struggle with it at times, especially upper respiratory and sinuses. I can't seem to work out much in the morning but after work I usually make myself do it! Especially after a long day at the computer haha. Thanks for entering and keep workin hard!!

Alison Gittelman: My biggest obstacle is staying injury-free! The mind is so willing but the body sometimes isn't! Last year I had a number of injuries that prevented me from running my first 50 mile race, as well as several other races. I'm working on preventing this in 2013 by strengthening my weak areas and making sure I stretch, foam roll, and rest appropriately!!!

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Probably the biggest obstacle of them all for most people. Try out juicing or whatever it takes to get in those veggies and that protein. Sounds like your workout is pretty solid so keep mixing it up! Thx for watching and entering!

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Yup it is kickin my butt as well now. 15 flights is pretty darn good, keep it up and make it 20!!! Thx for entering and watching!

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: I hear ya, the run last night was a bit rough as you saw from my status haha. Biking to work definitely gives you big credits in my book! Free commute and green (for wallet and planet earth!!) :)

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Awesome job Meri! That is a great project to get involved with and I'm very impressed with your progress! Thanks for entering!!

Meri McSwain: My biggest obstacle is to eat regularly. To overcome this I have joined a "Save a Life Project" through a local gym. It has taught me about nutrition and the importance to eat every 4 hours so I continue to burn calories. To help me with this I use the Premier Protein products. In 3 months I have lost 31 inches and 40 lbs. I love the new journey that I am on!

Donald Smith: My greatest obstacle is cold weather and try to run on treadmill and take spin classes.... Spin classes are good, but treadmill running is a challenge. Does biking to work get me any credits? Lol

23ryball: My biggest obstacle is weather. I try to get in some exercise at work every day at lunch and my normal outdoor activities are disrupted by the uncertainty of weather. I found the stairs in our building (which they didn't make very easy to access) and have been doing 15 flights nearly everyday.

Eric Walker: My biggest obstacle is my diet. I am disciplined about my training and frequently change up my routine to keep my body responding. I do a mixture of weights and calisthenics to stay functional too. I am going to deal with my obstacle by packing my lunch for work and I'm looking into juicing to be sure I get in my daily requirement of vegetables.

Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Thanks man and glad to have you entered in the contest!! Hope you win the epic prizes and I'll announce them January 1st so stay tuned my friend! Hope you get to use your AWD vehicle this winter...but not too much lol
Premier Protein Energy For Every Day Challenge 2! 5 out of 5

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Bootstrap Business Broadcasting: Thanks for checking out the video Jenny! Keep up the incredible progress and small steps towards long term changes for the better! :)
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Premier Protein Energy For Every Day Challenge 2!