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SuperMegaBert199: Thanks! This helped a lot. Can this software do slow motion?
Nozes ♕: agora que nego vai se acaba com esse BOODIGO kkkk
malli69: Bet you couldn't clean and press 32 kilo kettlebell.
NutNbutSpeed: I wish we could have gotten the cool blue colored instrument cluster of the ER6-F instead of the boring yellow colored one. Hopefully on the next version they make the muffler sound better cause it sounds horrible, especially with the stock exhaust. Cruise Control and heated grips would be aamazing as well. A gear indicator would be nice too...hint hint
Jacen’s gaming channel: This is in the anime in episode 6
TaiPal Thailand: your parts list in the website are not update you mention in this video replacing 0.022uF capacitor (C1) with 0.02 uF polystyrene capacitor , where in your website still 0.022uf not changed. also the schematic diagram not update. another thing in the schematic and part list contain L1 inductor i cannot see it in the assembled board as well as the diode please can you update the website with proper schematic and layout. you have put an effort to make it . i salute you 
John Hennessy: Need to piss now, running water sound got me...

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