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peepla7: Diamond shaped beading needle...that's what Lord hair and a few dollars makers are using to pull the strands thru the silk. Hope that helps.
Jeffrey Cyrus: I like this, i did this in my earlier years it always works.
ThePeoplesChamp: This was my first real smartphone and it was ‘okay’. The display was beautiful and OS was snappy. LG did not release an Android update for 1.5 years which was extremely frustrating. I expected better post purchase service and it’s the reason I’ve never bought an LG product again
Anya Clasen: The room I'm considering installing this in also had carpet. On the concrete below, there's some carpet padding glue in places. Do I need to take care to remove all the glue off the concrete?
Phương anh Do: My mom is so cute and I love her
thairony thomaz nnonondonnonon: Eu tenho um desse tbm, horrivel!
Udwin: Einfach nur Hammer, wie ihr abgegangen seid, als der Granatwerfer das erste mal gefeuert hat :D

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