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GET READY WITH ME   New Stuff. Mini Reviews
GET READY WITH ME New Stuff. Mini Reviews
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Come Get Ready with Me!!! Aprilis Shampoo and Conditioner Review
Get Ready With Us ft. Antonio Garza
Get Ready With Us ft. Antonio Garza

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Jesica Allen: Your right.... that movie is weird! As an adult I found it a bit creepy. But your wonderful! Thanks again for a great video!

michelle rau klimas: God bless you. You're amazing

sarahgh1896: 😍

Mari S: 1:32 THIS IS SO CUTE 😂

Gwendolyn Renteria: Why don’t you ever do giveaways?

Kristine R: Just picked this up with my toes🤣

Hadasa Rodriguez: Emily I love your videos. Can you do a the best Coastal products video? Pleaseeee 🙁

Leslie Ko: I ❤️ you and all your videos!!!

Opal Goon: Almay mascaras blow imo

Mrsbee B: Hi Emily- I'm a newbie with you and boy oh boy am I glad I found you!I am way past my 20's but still makeup obsessed and I truly appreciate that you have looks that I can wear with confidence. I live in Sydney Australia and we just don't have easy access to as many brands as you do in the US. Also makeup in Australia costs a lot more. Could you do an online products only video for those like us?

Natercia Couto: I love the candidness of this video. My favorite.

sarahwithstars: Alice in Wonderland is not good for kids, the story is not really tangible, the morals are unclear in terms of good Vs evil, punishment and consequences is skewed...

Intellectually it is a beautiful anomaly and everything surrounding the life of Lewis Carol and the Jabberwocky and his life in Oxford and the mystery around the snark and his manuscripts and his relationship in the writers cafe with Tolkien...all that stuff is great, but the actual Alice books are just one messed up acid trip after another. Sorry.

Taylor S: You helped me get thru my second workout!!
It's been tough going to the gym bc I always end the class upset and frustrated bc I'm not very athletic. I'm used to tae kwon do but i had to quit bc it's expensive. This video made my at home uphill walk on the treadmill fly by!!

Melanie Vee: Your highlight is totally my bronze. Even in summer I am all sunblocked from head to toe, floppy hat, swimsuit cover and sunglasses. My meds make me part vampire. Allergic to the sun. We are pretty similarly toned in winter.

Samuel Greenwald: I am so here for bold innovative Eye looks this was fantastic

simplescapes 76: I'm 41 and just started really wearing makeup in November, ohh makeup has changed since high school, anyways through my makeup discovery I'm finding things that are in and out of my comfort zone ( oh gosh the first time I did my brows or wearing red lips usually lasts about an hour before I throw that nude back on) a fun video idea would be doing a look that's out of your comfort zone, over the course of less than a year I'm finally use to what foundation feels like- making progress 😆

Kathy Harvey: Can you please recommend a good palette that has blush, bronzer, and highlight that would be good for travel?

Lili Nieves: hi sweetie, your skin looks great! how did you eliminate the melasma??????

Tabitha K: LOVE editing emily!!!! She's sassy and needs to continue making appearances 😉

Jordan Kennedy: I always buy the hot pots for duping expensive pallets from Natasha denona
GET READY WITH ME | New Stuff, Mini Reviews 5 out of 5

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GET READY WITH ME | New Stuff, Mini Reviews