NaNoWriMo 2016

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NaNoWriMo 2016
NaNoWriMo 2016
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Review: NaNoWriMo | NEthing Reviews
What am I Writing? || NaNoWriMo 2016
What am I Writing? || NaNoWriMo 2016
NANOWRIMO 2016! | The Book Belle
NANOWRIMO 2016! | The Book Belle
BGFP #57 - NaNoWriMo, Alicia Nordwell, Book Reviews, New Top 5 Segment & More
BGFP #57 - NaNoWriMo, Alicia Nordwell, Book Reviews, New Top 5 Segment & More

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clarise: ahhhhhh i really want to do nanowrimo this year! but, i don't have any novel ideas :( should i still participate, even though i might just write journal entries?

the wordsmith: i just love your philosophy about nanowrimo.

niryaad oblum: winning nanowrimo isn't important at all, these trashy people have turned it into a competition. No writer ever wins...... the world owes you nothing

Kelbie: I love your watch where is it from?

Crystal Rodabaugh: you are so adorable!

Nerdy Birdie Reads: I'm trying to participate in it this year. I surpassed my previous years so far because I start my story beforehand. It has been great.

Milagros Turdó: the proyect with you boyfriend is soooo cute and soo cool <3

Nano Wribros: Love the Video! Our new 1 is up today :) check it out if you'd like, keep up the great work!

Sydney Lacroix: I'm doing the Young Writers one because you get to choose your word count. I find it less stressful for students, since it would be hard for somebody to write that much in one month. (The word count I want to do is 5000)

Create Explore Read: I'm doing NaNo too for my 9th year!!! Super excited!

Isabel Misiara: oh freak you're the cutest person in the universe

Daria Key: oh, I'm so on time... So. the challenge is started and I'm just searching for inspiration on the YT. Unfortunately, I don't do limits everyday and by now, 4 November, have about 4500 words (when I should approximately 6500, yeap). Such a pity.
I write everything that I can, have no special structure, no particular novel (well, actually, I edit my novel which is already more then 50k and count new written words too). Just short stories on different topics, but on the site it is called as the collection of short stories based on myths of different countires.

Gabriella: Your funny lol Good luck on your writing btw!

Becky Tiding: I didn't know Preptober was a thing and I missed yesterday so I'm starting planning today. Rip me.
I have planned my time out though so I'll be able to manage 50,000 words.

MR. ZEN LOPEZ: So what do you win when you reach 50,000 words on nanowrmo?
Also does your novel get published by a company?
Hmmm this event is interesting

stanly benson: I am doing it. This will be my second year, i won last year and am trying again and if i win this year............. THAT IS IT!

evov monbly: thanks for sharing!

Felicia Follum: I'm doing it too!!!!! I just announced it today too!!! Good luck! lol yes!! The attempt is a win. I'm considering doing poems this year...I love how you are breaking the rules!!

Jenny: I want to write everyday too. I think that's a better goal for me this year than a 50,000 word novel. Thanks for the idea.

LA Fresh Life: You inspired me to take part!!
NaNoWriMo 2016 5 out of 5

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clarise: ahhhhhh i really want to do nanowrimo this year! but, i don't have any novel ideas :( should i still participate, even though i might just write journal entries?
CarPassion: how do you get that awsome popping sound its awsome!
Nick Oak: I'm definitely biased toward Ryuji since Him and Joker really remind me of my best friend and I. They're both dummies with the biggest hearts of anyone I ever met. Ryuji is definitely the most friendly character in the group, he worries about others and especially Joker a lot.
The way Morgana treats him stopped being funny really fast, especially after Ryuji's awakening (my favorote by the way) since after that Morgana now has the revelation that Ryuji is an abuse victim and continues to verbally abuse him anyway
I really don't have any idea how people can rationalize that he has any blame at all within the Morgana running away arc, he makes a single joke and Morgana OVERREACTS meanwhile he continues to treat Ryuji like absolute garbage.
There's also a lot of implications about Ryuji being heavily abused by his dad before he left, and him likely standing up for his mom causing that, then he stands up to Kamoshida and gets his leg freaking broken and the track team disbanded (I think people forget that Ryuji outright tried to attack Kamoshida when that happened, maybe they think Kamoshida was lying but when he says that Ryuji has raised his hand at him before Ryuji doesn't deny it.) So i think that Ryuji standing up to his abusers and immediately getting punched down on for it likely effected him heavily as a person
The bond Ryuji and Joker have is definitely the most natural sense of kinship in the game

Dicas da Mary: Como eu acho as musicas no meu iPhone ??? Eu transferir minhas musicas do iTunes
nemo runks: Wow sounds great....I subbed
Евгения Ширяева: Спасибо вам большое! Буду учиться!
Neelu arts: annayya mee mr. b channel lo kanipinche sir ki meeru baaga dubbing cheptunnaru. kadaaaaa.

NaNoWriMo 2016