Top 5 Affordable EDC Knives Of 2014

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Jace dowg: Good video bro

william jc: m-16 thumb studs are really blade stops,it's a flipper. Also if u use a lanyard the blade will cut it.

Cody Holland: Good video. A lot of info and it didn't take an hour for you to get it out like some people.

Beast of the Far East: Taiwan makes the best EDC

dande tande: don't mention that guys name, why you want to make him famous? his a dushbag

PowerMadHeadBanger: The last knife you showed is made that way because it's made for the german public. In Germany you have to choose between one hand opening and a hard lock. You cannot carry a knife who has both things.

iraq51: Apparently he doesn't care for knives made in the USA.....

Arlen Norby: Do you actually use any of these knives? They all appear brand new.

Hien Bui: Good video in all. It would had been great if you had opened all the knifes side by side in order to better compare the different sizes.

infamouscoma886: Prices would have been nice so people would know!

TheWholeYearInn: I wish Spyderco would release a hawk bill blade in their budget line. I love my Tenacious but prefer the curved knife styles since mostly all I ever seem to cut is string and tape.

Sullyvan: I like the m-16

Raymond Williams: You have some lovely blades there; out of the 5 of them I actually prefer....ALL OF THEM!

Arak Seepoom: what size hands do you have; which of these five was the most comfortable for your hand? thank you.

Michael McGinley: How do you open the RAT that fast? I just cant get it down. i have to use two hands

Jack King: Kershaw Cryo is also a great one. #23 shipped on Amazon

Will C: I have a Ka-Bar Dozier that should be in my mailbox now :D

Nanchi Knives: do these knives have bronze pivot bushings/washers I need a good knife but Teflon doesn't last long with me if these don't do you know of knives with the metal spacers\bushings under $50

new2survival: that boker looks like it was designed for the UK facist market.

Jeff DeBord: What was the name of the Biker Plus?
Top 5 Affordable EDC Knives of 2014 5 out of 5

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Top 5 Affordable EDC Knives of 2014