Exo Terra Day And Night LED Fixtures

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Exo Terra Day & Night LED Light Review
Exo Terra Day & Night LED Light Review
Exo Terra Day & Night LED Review UK
Exo Terra Day & Night LED Review UK
Exo Terra Day and Night LED Fixtures
Exo Terra Day and Night LED Fixtures
Lampara Exo-Terra Day&Night Led-  Unboxing - Review
Lampara Exo-Terra Day&Night Led- Unboxing - Review

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Rana Temporaria: Hi i was just wondering what all frogs would this light be suitable for? as iv only keeps an released Rana Temporaria

joe leder: Are these suitable for live plants? I'm assuming so. If that's the case would a small one work for a 10 gal vertical?

W A: Does this cause the enclosure to heat up?

Josh's Frogs: Cameron, go with the big one!

Cameron Becigneul: I am getting one crested gecko and putting him in a 18x18x24 exo terra tank. should i purchase the large led or the small. please help

Big: I would get the large one only for the night time mode I wont even bother using day time :/

Big: I think the small one is perfect for a crested maybe two small ones but not a large one only cause it looks extremely bright

Teekeesh Corwell: I got my leopard Gecko set up from you guys !! Would these light be suitable for my Leopard Gecko? I have the  medium/Low Exo Terra Terrarium  24” x 18” x 12” but up grading to the large  36” x 18” x 12

Blinkyfish: Which model would you recommend for a 10 gallon tank housing a pacman frog ? I'm not sure if I'll need the large unit ?
Thank you
Exo Terra Day and Night LED Fixtures 5 out of 5

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Exo Terra Day and Night LED Fixtures