Eyebrow Threading

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First Time Eyebrow Threading: Vlog & Experience
First Time Eyebrow Threading: Vlog & Experience
all about eyebrow threading! ☠ FAQ + tips.
all about eyebrow threading! ☠ FAQ + tips.
People Try Threading For The First Time
People Try Threading For The First Time
Review eyebrow threading. class available in february
Review eyebrow threading. class available in february

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Anastasia Alexander: easier and cheaper 🙌 count me in

Caroline Moe: You are so pretty! Thank you and I was SO GLAD you weren't sacrificing your eyebrows for the sake of this video!

ladyyh16: you are beautiful!

XinessTV: ale ona zamula ; ]

marzipin: this hurts SO much for me..

V K: thank you thank you thhank you TIMES 10000

Vapors: Thanks for posting this

Nichole: Wow! I want to try this!!! I hate plucking, and I hate spending money on waxing...so inshallah, I will like this better!

Miss G: thank u so much:) its sth new here in Poland :) i will be practice it in my studio xoxoxox

Nay: does it hurt?

Aisha Akhtar: U hav natural beauty!! ur so pretty =) xxx

merceditas2009: yes, that's the kind i use.

Elena Tsd: oh my ! yislamo!! this is maybe the best and fastest way to remove all those thin little hair on the upper side of the eyebrow. thank you so much for sharing this!

Marcia Leon: PERFECT EYEBROWS: brooke shields' eyebrows when she was young. personally, fuller eyebrows are so much better

MADMAX53357: i do that atleast 3-4 times a day 6 days a week. am i obsessed?

Dragonfly Grace: Never seen that or heard of threading before. I use tweezers - is there an advantage to threading over tweezing? Thanks for sharing.

Harim Jeong: Looks like it hurts. You make it look easy but i wouldnt trust myself doing it haha

Swayzee68: You're lucky -- you have such pretty eyes to begin with! :)

María Eugenia V.: You can try if you wish, but not recommended, because the hairs in that area tend to be thicker than those of the face. For that reason, it is not recommended because it will be very painful for you.

msladygongzhu: thanks! ive always wanted to learn how to thread
Eyebrow Threading 5 out of 5

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Pence Streams: I said who are you people, sick to see the reaction, can't really remember it all that well
Vanessa Abreu: Seriously Seamen Bank? This 4 parts tutorial could've been done in 30 minutes. Total lack of professionalism. Not to mention the constant PR for capelli. 👎🏽
Jason Upton: wow. digital zoom is acceptable up in the 3-5 range. Excellent video.

Eyebrow Threading