FailRace Play MotoGP 14

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FailRace Play MotoGP 14
FailRace Play MotoGP 14
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MotoGP™14 Compact - Launch Trailer
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FailRace Play WRC 4
MotoGP 14 Gameplay Career Mode Walkthrough - Part 8 Moto 3 Italian Grand Prix
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SonomaMoto: nice

xan: Is this going to be a series I hope it is

FORZA POTENZA: The component failure was enjoyable on F1 2009. In one race, I had a smoking gearbox for a lap in a 5 lap race. I coasted it to the flag

Aidan Brasuell: Traction control has one more reason than cars, Motorcycle's TCS is to keep the front wheel down, stop the rear wheel from slipping, and  keeping the back wheel from sliding out. I think Motorcycles are better than cars, In some cases.

Ethan Pullen: His main problem is that he's accelerating while still leaning/turning, which kicks the tail out, causing the bike to slide - and for Alex to fall off.

AnoteBlow: Plz do let's plAy

Charlie Ashworth Jerem: I love this game please!!!!!!!!!!! do another one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

TonyJrj: Career mode playthrough pleeez? xD

SwagCrafters: More please

Echo McDuction: Could you up load the whole motogp and moto3 careers

Ayrton Bondzanga: I played the demo of this on PS4 as there's no GT7 yet. Seems like bike racing is a lot more complicated then I thought

That Earthling: I love this game. I am as passionnate about cars as about motorcycles, but motorcycle racing is so much more lively than modern-day track racing.
Would be really awesome if you would do a bit of a career series on this, I think! I would definetly watch it, I liked your driving style in the end, for someone who never played this. :)

Jonas Bernotaitis: MOAAR PLS :D

Gavin Brooks: can you do safty car mode pleas!

Jake Saddington: BRNO is on TOCA 3

Pennington Motorsport: More plz like it so he can see it

Colby O: that was pretty rad, would love to see more

Christopher Wang: +FailRace For 40k, can you film Daniel playing the failrace theme please?

Christopher Wang: What is safe car mode?

bozza82: Do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FailRace Play MotoGP 14 5 out of 5

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SonomaMoto: nice
SuperRob69: Wheres mapping tutorial part 2
spiltfire2013: Hi bro, how many cells can i put in, the max?
str8klownn713: Would you be interested on building a 99 Lexus gs300 2jz ge
Mr Brickstar: Ich habe mir das Yoke Sistem auch gekauft. Auf Youtube habe ich gehört, dass man den vorher Aufladen muss. Ich habe aber kein Ladekabel dazubeckommen. Kann man das Ding auch anders Aufladen?????
Aukie Johnson: That's awesome
Duy Phan: Hey,i have tried my best to protect the tower and injured Erica but still fail

FailRace Play MotoGP 14