Evolution Advanced By We R Memory Keepers

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Review y demo: Evolution Advanced de We R Memory Keepers *ESPAÑOL*
Review y demo: Evolution Advanced de We R Memory Keepers *ESPAÑOL*
Evolution Advanced Tool Overview from We R Memory Keepers
Evolution Advanced Tool Overview from We R Memory Keepers
Evolution Advance Review (using Sizzix plates)
Evolution Advance Review (using Sizzix plates)
Evolution Advanced Out of the Box
Evolution Advanced Out of the Box
HSN   We R Memory Keepers   Evolution Advanced
HSN We R Memory Keepers Evolution Advanced

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Deborah Anne: How heavy is this machine? Is it easy to turn the handle when passing through the embossing folders and dies? What happens if you forget to turn the dial to embossing ? thank you

Carrie Young: Is there a video for how to use the magnetic platform? I purchased it and am having trouble using it. I can't find a decent video. Thanks.

mrj14ann: can this cut a cork? I'm trying to decide on buying a machine and one of my considerations is that it should be able to cut a cork for coasters :)

Melatina77: How do you know what you're cutting if you place the paper on top of the die?

Garota Papel: wow i wanna

JennyBeeCrafts: I just got mine last week on HSN. It had mixed reviews but I figured I would try it for myself and if I didnt like it I can just return it. Now that I have been using it. I must say love it and happy I bought it. I believe the mixed reviews was based on problems with dial I guess is what u call it (im guessing they didn't read the direction). But if u take the time in watching the videos and reading the direction you will love it too. I have put away almost all my machines away and only use this now I have extra space to craft. Im a big fan of we r memory keepers and hope they come out with more organizing storage. Thank you once again for a great product.

Diane Baumg: Here is a tip I received from wrmk when I wrote to them. I could not figure out how to use my tim holtz thick dies. They advised not to use the platform. Instead use the die, then paper and then the mat and then the blue soft, flexible mat. It worked perfectly. I hope this helps.

Anakuh Justanakuh: Hi there, I need help getting the machine to cut fabric.. flannel in particular. Thanks a bunch.

MamawCindy: Are they're folders you can buy to go with this machine? And If so do, are they the  same size as the Cuttlebug Folders or are they bigger???

Janie Hutchinson: I wish you would do a video on when and how to use the "cushion", does the cushion go on first or does the mat go first. I am very new at this so a video would help greatly.  I can't seem to get the Fiskars fuse letterpress to work with this machine. It worked great for the dies but just can't seem to get the Fiskars fuse letterpress to work. I tried the "0" per instructions but no luck. Thank you.

Diane Baumg: Does this take Tim holtz alterations dies, mine doesn't seem to work.

Diane Baumg: I really need help, first, does this work with Tim holtz dies? I can't seem to fit his dies with the bottom platform. Secondly. Better instructions are needed to clarify the dial. Someone wrote there is a chart, and the numbers are for different brands. If so where can I find this. Please advise, thank you

Norma Perez: When do I use the "A"  and "B mat"?  When do I use the numbers dials and when do I use the Emboss, Die Cut, and Letter Press dial?   

Della Rogers: I want this and the motor. Where can I buy it right now??? I also saw a promo for the larger embossing folders and the special magical magnetic plate. Also the Long repeat dies and the paper meant to be used with them.  I want all this as well!!

Tracy Bollinger: Does it have a magnetic platform?  I just love it with my stamps and matching dies.  The machine seems to have EVERYTHING else!  Very interested.  Just might replace my good ole blue Big Shot by Ellison.

IamUniquelyImperfect (Patricia B): Wow, that looks awesome!!  

Jenny Garcia: OOOHHHH MY GOD!! woooooooooooooooooooooooow

Amie Lamm-Griffin: I dream of having one of these!  I just have no where to keep the dies and other gear!  

Kalyn Kepner: Does this work with other manufacturer's embossing/impression plates, like Papertrey Ink? Or only folders?

sewgoodall: This just might be my new machine.  The one way you could have made it perfect for me is if it had a wider opening to be able to cut Grand Nestabilities.  Otherwise this looks great.
Evolution Advanced by We R Memory Keepers 5 out of 5

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Evolution Advanced by We R Memory Keepers