Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial
Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial
Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial
Valentines day tutorial! Classic smokey eye!   Jaclyn Hill
Valentines day tutorial! Classic smokey eye! Jaclyn Hill
Classic Smokey Eyes (2 minutes)
Classic Smokey Eyes (2 minutes)
Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye   Jaclyn Hill
Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill

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Vincent Gurus: You look like the combination of Keira Knightley and Monica Belluccii

Cynthia Meirah Voormeij: I also love that blouse/ dress you are wearing!

Just Grace: This was so helpful

InLaws Attic: If like color, can that be done as a smoky eye? Same technique only color?

1969Vanessa G: Help, what would a woman of color use?

debra houston: Love this look with the nude lip! FABULOUS!!! Will definitely try.
What is the eyepencil br as nd & color?

Joselin M Color Studio: OMG...thank you... finally one makeup tutorial video with no eyeliner...just love it. easy to do and less messy...thank you... beautiful finish

Cynthia Meirah Voormeij: Finally someone with natural eyebrows.... I love this one Lisa!!

Mari Carmen Ferrero: Very beautiful.

Radioactive Heart: What do you do when you look like your whole face is dragged down whenever you put something on your lower lid. I really want to rock a Smokey eye but I look like a sad raccoon wit eyes dragging down

mamta aggarwal: Nice

Briana V: Does she use any finishing spray afterwards to hold the eye-makeup throughout the day?

SIRiMAC: Such a good tutorial! Her eyes are sparkling, they're so beautiful!

Linda Honeck: Easy to follow. Thanks.

C Demoiselle: Charlotte Tilburg in face.....darling!!!!!

Brightside 4: Can you do smokey eye for hooded eyelids.

Grace Phipps: 2018 anyone

Tara Nestor: You are a classic beauty!

S R: Normally I look like a racoon or a lady of the night when I try a smoky eye. This was the first time it turned out perfectly! Thank you. I'm black, by the way, and it still turned out great on my skin tone - I just adjusted the "taupe" to a darker shade that suited me <3

Beverly Simple: I have been dying to learn how to do a smokey eye and up to this point I failed to find a tutorial or book that help. Thank you
Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial