Agenda 21 For Dummies

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Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
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Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013
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Book Review: Agenda 21
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Agenda 21. Glenn Beck's Latest Book Talks w/ UN A21 Expert Rose Koire a Democrat

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Alison Snell: This is so sick I pray to God Almighty that their plans freaking fail miserably and that we lock the scum bags up. This is just like the movie ants when the selfish grasshoppers were making the ants do everything for them and they had them enslaved but finally one day they realized however small they are they still grossly outnumber the grasshoppers and together they defeated them. This is another reason for the media race propaganda because society is weakened when we’re segregated

RedXlV: This video isn't just "for dummies", it's also by dummies.

revenlusker: So apperently the richest people in the world are behind this. The RICHEST people, people that are in banking, oil and other sales that prosper on the fact that the population is growing. Thanks, ill pass on this ageda 21 crap!!

Chris Lindsay: No SLAVE owners wants educated slaves.just look what happened in the past . educated individuals are a threat to they're power .

odell daniel: I smell bullcrap

paul ewing: It's chemistry that sustains life and sanity or healthy sound reasoning and based on these alleged agendas throughout this videos tropics, and childishly made agendas we're talking about a disturbance and a depletion of our natural life sustaining chemistry around the globe and in most inhabitants of humanitys natural chemistry's that sustain life and sanity in human / adult judgement and reasoning.which biochemistry or poor health if you like, are dangerously depleted and are the cause of such childish agendas,or I'll will or insane values, or that cause constant emotional temper tantrums that will power can't prevent or cure which plague an individual for an entire life time rich or poor white or yellow that remain undiagnosed.the culprit are potent drug's such as alcohol in our 10,000 year history, since alcohols effects and it's debut 10,000 years ago for instance is the cause or culprit of depleted well being chemicals that cause insanity in the bloodlines rich or poor of the pre born or preconceived and are born absent those natural chemistry of well being and sanity and those chemicals that sustains life with symptom's described commonly as insanity or life time criminal or that some people never grow up or career criminal or hated and despised like the nameless in this above video . but the good means to replace those natural chemistry with orthomolecular therapy .plus truths are revealed, because behind any truth there is an explanation to insanity and the cause of it with symptomatically to insanity or childish judgement and reasoning.this agenda as described is an issue of judgement and reasoning .or poor decisions and very poor low grade health in a genetics pool.not that they are adults because adults don't do business this way to common humans.

SHON3Nknife: Long story short, humans suck and like to control and fix things in the worst ways

Conservative Patriot: I live in Ca and now with the push for the “high speed rail” that is crazy as hell and I’m seeing rigs with double trailers hauling dirt from 0600 when I head to work through 1600 hours running constant loads to build over passes for the rail. To have my parents sell their house to people who were bought out by the state by relocation for the rail, I see the money being spent. I work in a state institution where funding is being strictly cut and furloughs on the way to pay for this along side all the ridiculous taxes we face now with gas taxes and seeing how the roads are being repaired by stripping out the bad for worse rather than repaving the entire road.... it’s crazy. I’m on tangent and I may sound freakin nuts but I see this video echoing true as we speak. All I can think of is what the hell my kids will be dealing with when I’m gone. We need to wake the hell up.

ginger cox: We draw ever closer to oblivion. I for one will not live like that. I will die defending my independence

F.D.S. FromDaStreets: look me up im the pope no bs I ain't find out what I've really been saying and I didnt say everyone gets the mark of the beast -Anobodi

oliver vella: Still waiting 2017

matycee: this all sounds good to me. Come on... look at the way Humanity has conducted itself to date and the results. Time for a re-think. I support Agenda 21


CaN: Who are these speakers? And how did they know all this?

shockawha9: This why Nashville liberal mayor wants a Light Rail System in such a tiny city!!! A pastor in Baltimore back in the 80's said, "The biggest threat to Christianity and your personal liberties are the Environmentalists"

53 Rager: No weapon formed against me shall prosper! There will be a civil war in the next few hundred years

Kevin Kordes: Government and corporations (state-sanctioned monopolies) caused the "McMansion" housing boom and the proliferation of cars and roads and now they're trying to undo the environmental disaster with more government control! Insane!

Mystic Crystal: If implemented, I think that these Megacities would develop similarly to Universe 25, or the Mouse Utopia Experiment (look it up- btw the study was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation). A closed off "utopia" that becomes increasingly overpopulated until society breaks down into violence, social seclusion, and other erratic behavior (the "behavioral sink"), leading to the ultimate decline and extinction of the population. These Megacities might not only be a means of control and surveillance, but possibly a depopulation tactic as well. Many people living in big cities already match the traits of the mice in the experiment. Agenda 21 will ensure that all of humanity will be "packed and stacked" into these Megacities with no means of escape, just like the mice.

Robot HandLove: If they cant say something specific, within the first 5 minutes, that I would object to then I suspect its another bullcrap UN document that doesnt actually bind anyone to anything. Like the current climate change agreements. No one actually has to do anything. There are no penalties if you fail to meet your goals and the goals fall drastically short of what is necessary to prevent what they suggest will be the result of climate change.

Agenda 21 For Dummies 5 out of 5

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Agenda 21 For Dummies