Agenda 21 For Dummies

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Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version
Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies.
Agenda 21 For Dummies.
Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013
Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013

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Marie Schmidt: Why do you think SOROS is spending BILLIONS worldwide to destroy borders of countries! Daaaa this is a wake up call.  Vote Trump or suffer the consequences of SOROS and the other GLOBALISTS!

Cloudy Blaze: So this is why socialism has risen across the world.

john brucchi: We all need to make the understanding and sharing of this information a priority in life. If people are unaware of what's really happening they will fall for the purposefully appealing terminology describing how agenda 21 is going to save both the planet and it's inhabitants. It would be acceptable if that were what these Elites have planned for our future, but it's not. They plan on changing our system of representative democracy to that of a technocracy. This is where everything is run by bureaucracy or better said a group of technical experts. We have gradually lost most of our representation by our elected officials due to business buying them out from under us which is why were in the spot we currently are but now these same people want to put all decisions in the hands of a board of technocrats. The decisions being from where your allowed to live, what your allowed to own if anything, what means of transport your allowed to use, what type of work your allowed to do etc. Bottom line is the abolishing of all freedom being replaced by a technocratic system of complete control where your but another bit of data needing to be dealt with on a chart. Yes we do need to get our pollution under greater control and we need to look at the planets health as a priority including mans population and effects on it. This must be done under the guidance of the constitution which protects man's rights for if not in the name of all things good and hopeful we will wind up seeing the worst abuse of power and control of the last two hundred years.

Julie Hanson: If I weren't frightened b4, I am now!!

Lani Rohde: It's a decent explanation for the hundreds of thousands of children that have gone missing the last few decades.

Bad Company: Right here..the home of Harley, Milwaukee....trolley rails are causing accidents all around. FIGHT!!

Michael Dickinson: First day of summer yet agian ,each year getting hotter ,we are at the beginning of the end. We can sit around and do nothing,simply just pretend,ignoring whats real like walking right past an old friend. We better do something quickly while there is still a world left to try and mend. Do you want a future for the youth or is life just yours to spend...
Michael Steven pickleinson aka me, myself, and i and i

Michael Dickinson: i wrote this awhile back but i hope people read it and share it.

Day by day peoples frustrations grow, but its all of our faults,we reap what we sow. We all went the selfish easy route,now payment time is here with out a doubt. We have left the doors open for evil to step in,we forgot about one another the ultimate sin. You are i and i am we,blinded in both eyes but the third can still see. If i kill my brother i might as well have killed me.. Michael Steven pickleinson aka me,myself,and i and i

Michael Dickinson: Her, he,whoever it maybe,there are times that i may be blind ,however another can clearly see. So please take me by my hand cause only unity shall set us free. Ego is not my amigo it leads us all astray,if i thought i had all the answers my life would be in dismay. So i close my mouth and bend my ear, for if i listen then i shall see. God is each and all of us there is no you and me. Michael S. pickleinson aka me, myself,and i and i.

slave2tyranny: The Georgia Guildstones is Agenda 21.

Dominant Seth: And the U.S. wants to start a war with Russia. Dude, we’ve become so corrupt it’s disgusting! Endless greed and the addiction to dominate the global stage has lead us to this. This nation needs to fall. Revolution is the only answer.😞

Patrick Holmes: OMG I wish this was true! I would totally support a one world socialist government!

Mathew Joseph: It has infiltrated Video Games now..

DamienZshadow: Am I the only one here who LOVES this plan???

Donna Sandoval: These world leaders are hybrids not human beings! They will surely be taken down by Our Savior of the world Jesus Christ and will be casted into the pit of fire with evil one and his followers of darkness

TheRLloli: The Planet is screwed...

A. P.: this guy is a genius please check him out he's in Fullerton, ca and talks about 5g ECT....

Alex Parer: 2:30 Ron Todd?

Micheal Simonson: I would say aliens would never let this happen but there already a part of it hope Jesus is real and not a trap where all freaked you ppl have no clue

destroyerj: This is a big joke; our planet's ability to support life is about to implode thanks to the chemical spraying, globally, of poisons and neuron-toxins.
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Marie Schmidt: Why do you think SOROS is spending BILLIONS worldwide to destroy borders of countries! Daaaa this is a wake up call.  Vote Trump or suffer the consequences of SOROS and the other GLOBALISTS!
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Agenda 21 For Dummies