Agenda 21 For Dummies

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Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Agenda 21 EXPLAINED. full version
Agenda 21 EXPLAINED. full version
Agenda 21 Infiltrator Spills NEVER Before Heard Secrets—An Invasion Has Kicked Off!
Agenda 21 Infiltrator Spills NEVER Before Heard Secrets—An Invasion Has Kicked Off!
Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013
Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013

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Sharon Yarwood: Evil lunatics. Abolish the UN.

*Queen OGreen: Wow..just wow...

classic kool: ....and the Bush's, Clinton's, Obama's, Biden's, etc. are in it up to their EYEBALLS!!

Neil mongoz: its happening here in Canada
school suspended me because of the topics
i was looking up

Abby May: It will become a one world government. Satan's government. A cashless society. Will only be able to buy with a chip implanted inside your body. Get ready.

Joe Smartballs: It wont work unless everyone is rich. So all rich corporations have to pay employees more if they want to make more.

Testing: I can see why you titled this "for dummies" - I encourage anyone who watched this to go read the document themselves:

The tragedy of the commons necessitates certain restraints, because people don't always restrain themselves.

You can rail against "Globalism" but the global economy began several hundred years ago, and has been accelerating since. Most computer chips, for example, are not manufactured in the U.S.

eddie davidson: My son could not do simple math in grade 9 I had to inform the school that I was not going to put up with it and he was going to be taught . He was but they had no intentions of teaching him anything. If I had not intervened he would have graduated unable to do multiplication and labeled unteachable, uneducated and all that that implies. But with a diploma so subsequently what are they considering education to mean if not being educated?

J M: As far as it has been explained to me, the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory is linked to Glenn Beck' s fiction novel about the real Agenda 21 of the United Nations. After reading Beck' s book, I realized that I had read much of the same concepts somewhere else. Lois Lowry wrote a series of young adult dystopian novels beginning in 1993. They are well known books (The Giver even made into a movie). That is where I had previously read about mandatory use of a treadmill, creating sameness, etc. So I guess I'm wondering how the fictional elements became intertwined with real life? Or is that how conspiracy theories work?

Kay Watson: Communism goes by many names as we see the same here.

nice lady: I've never trusted the government for many reasons. this is a glance of the end times. if you don't believe in God you should still check out the scriptures especially in revelations if not but for the info. but I will pray for all of us either way. peace be with you all ☮

Cara higgs: The vast majority will do nothing but resist anyone who does !!!!, as everyone who has tried already knows. They value denial above life itself. Silence is permission and they are giving it on industrial levels. Their heads are totally imbedded in the safety of their arses. Flat earth arsehole dwellers and one cannot help wondering as- they are self professed worthless people (won’t even speak out on their own or anyone else’s behalf let alone the planet). By their own lack of action this condemns them as expendable just as the elites intend to act toward them. The people who do care should not suffer the same fate as those who don’t give a fu@#. Those who stand idly by while evil runs rampant are pure evil itself.Speak out or prove them right. When we get through this, those who did nothing will be the centre of attention. More so than what is left of the evil elites and theirs pawns. If you are not speaking out it won’t just be a matter of shame later and it is a lot later than you think🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬.

Kristie Hansen: This agenda 21 is strickly so the rich can live the way they want with out anyone knowing. The mining industry can mine the resources of the planet without anyone catching them polluting. This is substainability for the rich.

Alison Snell: This is so sick I pray to God Almighty that their plans freaking fail miserably and that we lock the scum bags up. This is just like the movie ants when the selfish grasshoppers were making the ants do everything for them and they had them enslaved but finally one day they realized however small they are they still grossly outnumber the grasshoppers and together they defeated them. This is another reason for the media race propaganda because society is weakened when we’re segregated

RedXlV: This video isn't just "for dummies", it's also by dummies.

revenlusker: So apperently the richest people in the world are behind this. The RICHEST people, people that are in banking, oil and other sales that prosper on the fact that the population is growing. Thanks, ill pass on this ageda 21 crap!!

Chris Lindsay: No SLAVE owners wants educated slaves.just look what happened in the past . educated individuals are a threat to they're power .

odell daniel: I smell bullcrap

paul ewing: It's chemistry that sustains life and sanity or healthy sound reasoning and based on these alleged agendas throughout this videos tropics, and childishly made agendas we're talking about a disturbance and a depletion of our natural life sustaining chemistry around the globe and in most inhabitants of humanitys natural chemistry's that sustain life and sanity in human / adult judgement and reasoning.which biochemistry or poor health if you like, are dangerously depleted and are the cause of such childish agendas,or I'll will or insane values, or that cause constant emotional temper tantrums that will power can't prevent or cure which plague an individual for an entire life time rich or poor white or yellow that remain undiagnosed.the culprit are potent drug's such as alcohol in our 10,000 year history, since alcohols effects and it's debut 10,000 years ago for instance is the cause or culprit of depleted well being chemicals that cause insanity in the bloodlines rich or poor of the pre born or preconceived and are born absent those natural chemistry of well being and sanity and those chemicals that sustains life with symptom's described commonly as insanity or life time criminal or that some people never grow up or career criminal or hated and despised like the nameless in this above video . but the good means to replace those natural chemistry with orthomolecular therapy .plus truths are revealed, because behind any truth there is an explanation to insanity and the cause of it with symptomatically to insanity or childish judgement and reasoning.this agenda as described is an issue of judgement and reasoning .or poor decisions and very poor low grade health in a genetics pool.not that they are adults because adults don't do business this way to common humans.

SHON3Nknife: Long story short, humans suck and like to control and fix things in the worst ways
Agenda 21 For Dummies 5 out of 5

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Agenda 21 For Dummies