Smouldering Smokey Eye

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Valentine's Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial ♡
Smoldering Smokey Eye
Smoldering Smokey Eye
♡Smoldering Smokey Eye Look   ALHSANDER♡
♡Smoldering Smokey Eye Look ALHSANDER♡

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younger now: She kinda look like katy perry

Escarlette & Esbeidy: I love your videos, I would like you to subscribe to my channel, kisses! :*

hippychic957: Beautiful. Adding your video to my beauty page on FB. With your permission hopefully. Xxx

Miss Drishty Bhandari: Uou said this was easy?

Serban Alin: free makeup brushes here!

Em Cory: Thank you. I rarely use make-up, but you make it look easy. I'm eager to try it out this weekend. :-)

my world: dont miss this video about eye makeup

del44Z slayer: How on earth do u get that straight black line with the liquid liner just above the lashes, then the flick? EVERY TIME I try, it's like a two year old scribbled on a wall. Its so dam hard. Any tips?

Afun Mahadin Ruksar: Wow nice

Daedae Tisdel: l luv it

Rec ceL: Eyes👍 Lips👎

Fern Chambers MUA: Great video any tips?

Ma. C.: I'm pretty sure it's smoky, not Smokey (Bear). Do you hate forest fires? I hate man-made ones. Piss me off to no end.

Cringey Child: I hate all the beauty gurus who can do eyeliner perfectly while I can't even get it to go on without getting chunks or even a straight line😭

liliko kikabidze: amazing nice good

Eye Makeup Ideas: love you.You so calm.and cool makeup!)

Sky Martinez: I really like how it looks on you

Moxxie's World: I made my own smokey eye and red lip tutorial. It's more comedic than helpful. Check it out and let me know what you think! :D

Is that your boys cologne?: I know who owns shadow shields

Jay Marie: Never been an eyeshadow girl it's hard, takes the right brushes and the right products to get it right. Although mine didn't come out dead on like hers, using my ecliptic brushes and my too faced palettes, I was able to execute a very cute Smokey eye that for one I thought eye shadow looked pretty on me! Haha love this video. Just what a newbie like me needed
Smouldering Smokey Eye 5 out of 5

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younger now: She kinda look like katy perry
Roland Williams: Yes, I made it in to the video. No I did not try the moonshine, but I drank some Jack and Coke.
Busterflex 80: Depends of what he payed for the bundle. But Theme Park, Lemmings, Soccer Kid,Curse of Enchantia, Lure of the temptress, D/Generation, Burntime, Megalomania, Apprentice, Civilization, Heimdal 2, Addam's Family, Pinball Dreams , Desert Strike & Rocket Ranger are great games !! Lots of football games (argh)
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Smouldering Smokey Eye