Smouldering Smokey Eye

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Moodiam: Shiiiiit how did I end up here

Juste Lilouche: good

Bob Warren: Looks more like Briggs & Stratton did the spray paint job. Did you know that men SELDOM look at a woman's eyes to see how the makeup is applied? What is the obsession with eyebrows, anyway? Just put on some lipstick and let it go at that.

AARMAU FANGIRL: I just did this I look like a hot mess😂😂😂

Arianna Mancone: Wow

the kids tv: She is asume

Laura Vogler: Is anyone else stressed by how slow she talks

Google User: That lipstick....WTF TERRIBLE! 😂😂

Goopgirl 43: And I’m just over here looking like I have a black eye😂

Tahia Hasan: Nice 👍

courtney clark: Do you use your left hand for your left eye and your right hand for your right eye?

Paloma Araufo: good very good

Sudeshna Dandapat: I like smokey eyes

Punit Bajaj: Wow so beautiful

Arshnoor Kaur: well u r eyes are dmn pretty 😃

Slime Masterz: "Best thing about this pallet is its only 48 dollars" umm that's probably the worst thing that's dry expensive

Dana1983ish: I would like to see tutorial without fake eye lashes. More natural and less caked.

Diagnosbarnet: You look like Katy Perry

Simu Bora: so nice make up box

L Mani:
Smouldering Smokey Eye 5 out of 5

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อนุสรณ์ ตรีอินทอง: ไมสอดเข้ารูเลยล่ะคับพี่😅
PomPomSquishy: Nice video as always, Sue! This video is so cute! I collect squishies too and I'm almost at 1k 😄
Dana Carr: Nobody does purple hair better than Justine skye
Tony-kun: q
Stephanie Mitchell: The moment you started playing with him and the jungle backdrop, I knew you were the one. Marry me!!!
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I discovered that if I "long press" on the desired warning voltage, it will remember that value.
I set to 3.4 for ordinary LiPo's and 3.5 for Graphene LiPO's since their voltage can stay high then drop quickly at the end of a long flight.

Smouldering Smokey Eye