Smouldering Smokey Eye

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Madison Z: Oh it’s just only forty dollars I am rich but for the poor peeps that’s a ton

chelsieuk smith: Looks lovely but very time consuming. Your have to do mine for me

Shraddha Khule: Wow!!!!

DINA STAT: Υπέροχο!!!

Jasmin: This has been the hardest tutorial yet, I looked like a dam clown who got beat up! No Bueno!!

Iman Drif: Cnhshhedfhsjdksdklkjwxujwkakxchkqshqwiurwhdfhhwusduhfhehwuufisfhdhsjdufhsijfjiosfjjdsjhxhjushjsjfhjksdkfhskdifjhsofkjjhshjwjhdjksdhuiwhdhheudhjdmdjchjksz!kkxkxkxkl


Alyssa George: 48 dollars is 4 days of food 😂

sam 5: Your voice annoys me

Sara Beth: She makes this look so easy!!!! I try it on me and looks like crap!!!!!!

Amaan Imran: Eyes

titesoeur92: Eyes of Katy Perry 😍

loma المنحوسه: لا إله إلا الله
15 مليون مشاهدة 😂

تحيه لكل انثى 🌸
مرت من هنا😌

hello Papastefanou: Woooow

JezzU Chan: No offense but you are orange

נוגה בן פורט: Wow!!! Really beautiful!!!! 😍😍

رفيق الروح: You are beautiful and creative and your looks are beautiful too i do not have any of this makeup i hope you give me som..

Jodie Watson: Can't you text everything we need so we know what to buy?

القيصر القيصر: فدوة العينج اشكد حلوة انتي بس سؤال انتي من اي دولة

saeed zulfi: Very helpful video.
You explain perfectly
That's why I watch all your videos
Thank you

Hanane Azerty: nice
Smouldering Smokey Eye 5 out of 5

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Smouldering Smokey Eye