Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?

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Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?
Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?
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Casio ProTrek PRW3000 Watch Review
Casio Pro Trek PRW-6100 Review & Brief Comparison with Mudmaster - Perth WAtch #67
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Justyburger: This is one of the best watch reviews I've seen. 6 watches is great. I'm really close to buying a Casio Pro Trek. It's actually a really tough decision, but I'm thinking the heavier one (3500Y) with the Red strap. Also you are right about Star Wars. It looks like the colours from Empire Strikes Back. The only tiny thing is that these watches don't have any non battery powered luminosity on the dials. I can handle that for the price.

Christina Hamilton: Whats the best survival watch for a woman? I want one with a compass and barometer and that's solar powered, but don't want it to look silly if its too big on me! Recommendations? Thanks!!

Remington Bradley: I have the PRW-2500 and love the thing! Living in colorado and changing altitude all the time its great

fartx211: Just got the PRG300-3D!

J S: Does any body know how to clean the bands?

Connor Dowd: Hey is the prw3000 big like I have a fairly medium sized wrist how would that be on me?

Joel est: I realize this video is a little old but Casio has failed to keep up with the times. I love my PRW-3000 and GR-8900 but Casio has yet to include a decent step counter and their bluetooth watches sucked. They need to step up their game.

Otip Stefannus: Hi nutfancy, I have a question... On 1:05 i see you use Nato strap... Do you use adapters or you just take out the resin strap and put back the spring bars, and slip right out the nato straps? Thanks.

Joseph Loya: Great Watches .... I have used them for years and had many of them and none of them have broken. Yes your right ball park sensor readings but...... any port in a storm.

joseph burtulato: Sweat factor= Swamp wrist.

armando cardenas: Have you ever reviewed the CZ75B ... I own that weapon and I love it more than any other weapon in the World .

Quagmire88: The beige color reminds me of the old computer cases from the late 1990's to early 2000's.

Rick Bloom: I've had the PRG 270 for a few years now. Love it. The only thing it doesn't do that I wish it did is tides. If it kept track of the tide it would be perfect.

Caz Gerald: What I love about the Pro Trek is what I hate about the G-Shocks, easy readability. I have PRW-3100T, titanium band, solar and MULTIBAND 6 accuracy - I love it. It is 3.7 oz, so heavy for some but I like the heft.

Steve Hogue: 26:54 ALWAYS use current declination when navigating. In some parts of our globe, you can be off more than 20 degrees if you do not adjust for declination.

BenjWD: Great video. Just picked up the newer PRW3510. Love it. The weight is preferred for me. The display is awesome on the 3510. Newer version of the 3500. My first protrek. Definitely not my last. POU!
Here's an excel review.

PipeHitterX31: So what do you think about the gg1000? I watched your video on it and I'm still undecided.

mobius1111: Thanks for a great review! just bought a 3500y-1 waiting for it to arrive.

Sleestak: Mudmaster gwg is the best watch you can buy....

M 52: Best watch I ever bought
Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made? 5 out of 5

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Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?