Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?

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Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?
Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?
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Casio ProTrek PRW3000 Watch Review
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Rick Bloom: I've had the PRG 270 for a few years now. Love it. The only thing it doesn't do that I wish it did is tides. If it kept track of the tide it would be perfect.

Caz Gerald: What I love about the Pro Trek is what I hate about the G-Shocks, easy readability. I have PRW-3100T, titanium band, solar and MULTIBAND 6 accuracy - I love it. It is 3.7 oz, so heavy for some but I like the heft.

Steve Hogue: 26:54 ALWAYS use current declination when navigating. In some parts of our globe, you can be off more than 20 degrees if you do not adjust for declination.

neb4152: Great video. Just picked up the newer PRW3510. Love it. The weight is preferred for me. The display is awesome on the 3510. Newer version of the 3500. My first protrek. Definitely not my last. POU!
Here's an excel review.

X31Studios: So what do you think about the gg1000? I watched your video on it and I'm still undecided.

mobius1111: Thanks for a great review! just bought a 3500y-1 waiting for it to arrive.

Sleestak: Mudmaster gwg is the best watch you can buy....

M 52: Best watch I ever bought

Zane Van Pelt: Anyone, what model CZ is the grey framed two tone with the silencerco can in the beginning?

Edgardo Amado: Do you know if the nylon strap from the green watch will fit the orange watch with the metal face, and really orange strap?

Standard nnn: My protrek tough solar watch needs battery replacement. Rechargeable battery does not hold charge anymore

Ruka Erika: Dynamic pressure is a non issue, if you moved at Olympic swimmer speed it's calculated to about 2inches of water to get any substantial dynamic pressure it is about 50mph for 25 meters of water depth.

Trevor Miles: I just can't get into these massive watches with all those crazy looking and busy dials on them

Bruce: How's Casio protrek smart

Harsh Chaturvedi: How to put on the screen protector?

rick horwat: I have a Sunnto Core All Black and brushed steel.

I also had a ProTrek 2500.

I tend to like the Core better.

Can't go wrong with either.

There are a few features on the Core that the ProTrek down at have that I like(ie storm alarm.)

karthik deep: I actually watched such a long video just to see those beautiful watches

Pierce Fleming: Great video, thank you

Robert NES816: 80% of Casio's watches can be considered good outdoors watches lol. I wear a crappy $30 Casio Vibration alarm watch to work pretty often, it holds up just as good as mu Seiko does, it shows wear but it still works just fine.

albert: Hey I know it's an old review but around 18:10 you talk about the signal strength indicator when doing a manual atomic sync; I believe that according to the manual, L1 is the lowest and L3 is the highest signal strength. You can see it in 18:25 in the hover of the manual as well.

Thanks for the very in-depth review! I'm still looking at these models even though I have the Rangeman.
Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made? 5 out of 5

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Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?