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Kayak Fishing : Hobie Outback vs. Hobie Pro Angler
Kayak Fishing : Hobie Outback vs. Hobie Pro Angler
Pro Angler 12 Vs Mirage Outback
Pro Angler 12 Vs Mirage Outback
WATCH Before YOU BUY! Hobie Pro Angler VS. Slayer Propel
WATCH Before YOU BUY! Hobie Pro Angler VS. Slayer Propel

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Mark Smith: How's the stability of the pro angler in the ocean when it's really choppy? Does the skeg really help?

Don Willoughby: Outback. I've had mine 7 years now and have no interest at all in having a PA. I can easily slide my Outback up over the back of my Ford Escape on a piece of scrap carpet to put it on the roof ... and I'm in my 70's. I wouldn't even try with a PA.

Yak MN: I like the pa plus there is not a ocean in like 100+ miles so i get some wheels bring it down a path put it in a bout lanch and im all good

JT Kayak Fishing: Outback all the way!

paul davies: YAK --- hello from britain ,,, what do you think of the feel free kayaks ??

/Fish: Revo13 is actually pretty stable (would be similar to a quest). It doesn't have that primary stability that the OB or the PA have, but the secondary to bounce back from what would feel like going/tipping over is definitely there. Only yak I've actually tipped out of since kayaking(2010) believe it or not was a PA12. Been fishing out of my 13 since 2014 as well, but I'm actually in the process of going Compass or Outback mainly just for the deckspace and comfier seat, leaning more Outback at the moment. The weight of the PA's are a definite issue with me as well. Great vids, subbed.

Gofish 1: The Ocean Kayak Frenzy making a show against the Hobies at 3:00

Intrepid Fisherman: I would take either one at this point haha... but the weight of the PA definitely is an issue when lifting it on the rack.

Larry Williams: I love my pa 14 iam a big guy and I've plenty of room.

Doug Ford Sr.: Hey speak your mind...I have the hobie PA 14 2017 with reverse and I love it. Need to spend more time in it. keep the vids coming

GatorFanRye8: I going to buy s kayak soon for about 250 300 in that price range what would suggest

Brad Reid: There are literally thousands of bass boats, kayaks too, that sit in garages rarely used. Ads to sell them often say: "It has only been on the water three times." The issue is almost always the time and commitment it takes to get them from storage to the water, then back off the water and back home. This is often measured in hours, not even including drive time. If a vessel could just magically appear on the water, then back off it, I'd bet they'd get used much more often. For kayaks, it is really very much about weight; and, weight also factors into how you will transport it, another big, big deal. PAs offer big platforms and optimize stability and "standability," too, if you need that. But, the bulk/weight issue is a huge negative. My personal findings? You will get out on the water a whole lot more often, way more often, in a light craft. Brad

Sea Wolf Kayak Adventures: Revo hands down! Stable enough to land big fish, lighter and faster! But outback is a great yak too. PA too heavy

Greg Jackson: I fully understand not wanting to spend the $$, but pretty soon those trips of dragging the yak through the sand will eventually take it's toll on you. Take the plunge and spend the $189 for a Railblaza C-Tug with the SandTrax wheels. In the long run your back will thank you.

Not as young as you (I'm 64), and I use the regular C-Tug to transport my 74lb Lure 11.5 across a gravel/grassy area getting to the dock. My lower back appreciates the assist.

Morgan Earle: I just bought a bare bones fishing kayak what would you suggest adding for it ?

Cmoney Dom: OUTBACK

Bryan S: I have both, for now. I got my Outback one year ago, and have had the PA for a little over two years. The PA is incredibly comfortable to fish out of, once you get it in the water. But therein lies the problem. That thing is incredibly heavy, with or without gear. The PA has been in the water one time since I bought the Outback. I’ll be putting the PA up for sale soon.

I did add the sidekicks to the Outback. While it is a very stable yak, I’ll add the sidekicks in rougher conditions or when going BTB. They are a little insurance against taking an unplanned swim. Not a guarantee, but lowers the risk considerably.

Henry Martinez: I loveeeeeeeee my 2017 hobie outback my buddy has a pa and hates having to move it around where as I can just take it on and off my car roof rack he needs truck with a trailer

insaynbcr: I just don't understand the lack of Wheeleez in your life? It's so easy to haul your kayak through sand, over gravel, down trails etc... with Wheeleez. As far as you drag your kayak from the truck, it would be nothing to walk you wheels back to the truck if you chose not to take them with you on the kayak.

Jimmy Celtic: My brother has both and he uses the outback alot more he enjoys using it more.
The TRUTH about the HOBIE OUTBACK VS. PRO ANGLER ! 5 out of 5

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drumskas: hey thanks so much for the one of a kind video here, helps those who first time potential buyers like me, get some kind of idea... I do a lot of research before buying. Thanks again.
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