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GOKENAA GOKENA: Ele é control ?
co qui: :)
Сергей Морден: Как посмотреть ваш каталог .
EFL HOME: 10 months later we've improved dramatically
Daniel Yoon: frosch isnt going to die. when minerva, rogue, and frosch were about to leave for their mission, they got stopped by natsu. as we know, gray is currently in the avatar, but rogue, minerva, and frosch did not not go on the mission. future rogue said that gray would kill frosch on that very day. natsu stopped them because he knew knowledge of one possible future, so that breaks the flow of time. if the flow of time is broken, the future can vary and frosch will most likely not die.
Eric Smith: Why add additional needless complexity and a whole lot of potential leak points? Are you trying to increase your chances for engine failure?
Koka Chigladze: cobble=life

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