Removing My Cheek Piercings!

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Removing my cheek piercings!
Removing my cheek piercings!
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
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How To: Remove Piercing Keloids / Bumps (EASY) Lilithas Bones
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All About My Cheek Piercings + TIPS

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Esmeraldaa maldonado: This was satisfying to watch idk why I’m sorry you had to get rid of them though they looked wonderful on you

Clair Mason: Currently dealing with everything you were. I too did not head warnings. It's been 3 years now. Finally no more fluid pockets but still everything else. Sorry yours didn't work out.

Aline Miranda: Brasil alguém 🇧🇷

FunnyHell: I also have cheek piercings. I have had the same issues as you discrabed in another video. They Are problematic xD but yet... taking them out looks worse than leaving them in. You dont get to see the scar with them in, and taking them out really shows it off
Amal Samira: She looks like kian from kian and JC

Paw Law: U look so pretty

Rafael Santos: Mah que guria bunita!!

J J: I got my cheek accidentally pierced with a stick when I was younger.. I hate the dimple it left on my face.

Magical unicorn: You’re gonna be a great mom.

Mya Lugo: My cheeks rejected mine bars

Mya Lugo: The scar lightens up after a year

Iliana Cusch: honestly ive never thought anyone looked better without makeup fully but you 100% look better without it

super_sad: I've always really wanted my cheeks pierced it I feel like my cheeks are too chubby and it would look weird on me, dang.

moon rise: Where did you get the Medusa piercing jewelry?

Ilham Ibrahimxd: She looks twelve.. Just sayin...................

Lidy Voitier: #FRench pourquoi il y a des sous titres en français , tu étudie le français à l'école ou tu as des origines français sinon merci beaucoup ça me permet de comprendre plus facilement ce que tu dis bisous !!

Amira Farra: How long did you have your cheek piercing on ?

kirsten newell: why did you get it done

Amethyst Maries: Do the holes close, and if so, do the newly made dimples remain?

Kat: Gorgeous holy crap
Removing my cheek piercings! 5 out of 5

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Removing my cheek piercings!