Removing My Cheek Piercings!

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Removing my cheek piercings!
Removing my cheek piercings!
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
Cheek/Dimple Piercing Expierience   Day 1   2015
Cheek/Dimple Piercing Expierience Day 1 2015
Swollen Cheek Piercing; Replacing Jewelry
Swollen Cheek Piercing; Replacing Jewelry
Cheek Piercing Review
Cheek Piercing Review

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moon rise: Where did you get the Medusa piercing jewelry?

Ilham Ibrahim XD: She looks twelve.. Just sayin...................

Lidy Voitier: #FRench pourquoi il y a des sous titres en français , tu étudie le français à l'école ou tu as des origines français sinon merci beaucoup ça me permet de comprendre plus facilement ce que tu dis bisous !!

Amira Farra: How long did you have your cheek piercing on ?

kirsten newell: why did you get it done

Amethyst Maries: Do the holes close, and if so, do the newly made dimples remain?

Kat: Gorgeous holy crap

Rhonda Pickett: How long you had them before removing them

Rob Smith: How much did the holes close up? Dimples look great.

Raulitho Cruz: OMG!!!

Нюргуяна Петрова: How long did you wear your piercing on your cheeks?

Mariana Hernandez: Do they close alone? Or you got stitches?

Mars HB: I know this video was done 2 years ago but how do they look all healed now?? I'm wanting to retire my cheek piercings as well but I just can't seem to let go of them yet. 🤔

NYAN CAT: u have all the piercings I want

KettiexD: are you related to monami frost?

Em B: old video but your eyebrows are goals 😍

Trashton: you are so cute !!

Meg Likon: will it heal???

Kailani Brinkley: You can get dimples from cheek piercings?? I always just thought people pierced their dimples I didn't know it could give them to you

Isa Medeiros: Are you brazilian?
Removing my cheek piercings! 5 out of 5

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Removing my cheek piercings!