Marissa Mayer: 'I Don't Think That I Would Consider Myself A Feminist'

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Calamity: Someone becoming an engineer isn't a political statement. If women doing things are too political for you, than you're the one with the political agenda. You're the one who is so determined to denormalize non white males doing things.

Annoney Mouse: She's hot

Judy Goans: Shame on you, Marissa Mayer, for claiming to support the concepts that are the very meaning of feminism while denigrating ("chip on the shoulder") on those who worked to get you the opportunities you have. Claim the title of feminist and stop apologizing for wanting fair treatment and equal opportunity. And by the way - a "chip on the shoulder" is a term that is used to deflect attention from an unfair act and blame the victim of discrimination, something you would know if you experienced it.

Rob Hough: 'I don't consider myself a feminist. I believe in equal rights, I believe woman are just as capable as men' Then you're a feminist. Urgh nobody likes the militant feminists just as ordinary Christians don't like the militant Christians. You can't pick a small percentile of people and use that to judge the larger group. That's called prejudice. 

Ass Kickin' Gryphon: Today's Feminism = female domination

David Johnson: Wow.  Brave.  Feminists are going to freak her over after that.

Sir MGTOW: She would not be there without feminism. 

shahminhajuddin: so true !! Wow, Shes gutsy to speak out truth about feminism in open! RESPECT

spikebarnett: 1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. I notice that equality is suspiciously missing from the second definition... If the first definition were accurate, I would be a feminist. It is, however, my opinion that the second definition is far more accurate. Feminism, as it has been applied, has never shown an interest in actual equality, and has fought against equality in nearly all cases.

BellaBEM: I know very well that logic is not a verb. I also know that you effectively said "a not b...but b not a". But most importantly, I know how to use a dictionary: merriam-webster(dot)com/dictionary/feminism

spikebarnett: It's not. I was being facetious and flippant. Now either show that equality is at the core of feminism, or shut up about it. If it really is all about equality, this ought to be a trivial task.

BellaBEM: That's interesting. I didn't know "logic" was a verb.

spikebarnett: No, they are not. Learn to logic. You tried to to attribute an argument to me that I did not make. What I actually did, was reject the premise of another person's argument. I've provided the Wikipedia entry for deductive reasoning. I suggest you take the time to read it. Perhaps then you will see where you have erred. wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Deductive_reasoning

BellaBEM: Here is what you actually said: "I never said feminism isn't about equality and therefore all feminists are evil...Equality is not at the core of feminism." Those two (complete) sentences are contradictory.

spikebarnett: You can't just chop a sentence in half and then claim it's incoherent and incomprehensible with respect to another sentence. Seriously, what the freak are you doing? If that is your basis for logical argumentation, then I am wasting my time talking to you.

BellaBEM: "I never said feminism isn't about equality...equality is not at the core of feminism." This is incoherent and therefore incomprehensible. Surely even you see why it is difficult for anyone to reconcile those two statements?

10mintwo: NAFALT? Seriously? lol. How clueless can you get. "Feminism is a collected effort to have more women participate in those decision-making positions." looool. no. Feminism is a bigoted, sexist, and hateful dogmatic ideology that cannot withstand dissent and seeks to achieve "equality" between the sexes by focusing solely and completely on the problems of one of them. Maybe freak off back to your wombyn's studies class where they'll be more receptive of your dime store reactionary observations.

Melissa Young: I'll remind you that there are "extremists" in every group. Just because there are radical Christians, that doesn't mean that ALL Christians are that way and that doesn't negate the overall message to work collectively to fulfill those values that people identify with. Feminism is a collected effort to have more women participate in those decision-making positions. As a non-partisan effort to help change a system was created without consideration of women as participants/leaders in society.

spikebarnett: I never said feminism isn't about equality and therefore all feminists are evil. Here are some things which I have actually said: "Equality is not at the core of feminism." "The few, well-meaning people who take up the label and actually believe in equality are fine people, but they are are deluding themselves, and will serve as useful idiots to the Rad-Fems." I suggest you spend some time improving your reading and comprehension skills. You seem to be deficient in those areas.

BellaBEM: It's good to discover that people can use the dictionary. I believe this is an undervalued skill in a world where academic writers can make up words such as "ethnoscape" (Barnett) or "unrepresentability" (Gail Jones), and where students can substitute ultimate for penultimate and not be corrected.
Marissa Mayer: "I don't think that I would consider myself a feminist" 5 out of 5

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