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ESPgamer: Luke i like you videos hope you have a great start on you tube And no am not one of them ppl who wish you well just to get some robux ect I am begning to to trade know I got the valk and somother things ;) wishing you well ,Me
Terry Wood: Wouldn't the off delay be mandatory to work with programming? If the Zebralight turned off instantly, then double clicking (programming) wouldn't work, because the light would have no way to know whether you were (1) attempting to program or (2) trying to turn it off.
Pablo Céspedes González: Hola muy buenas!! En el video dices que sirve para casi todos los modelos. Te refieres a las glock? Sabes si sirve para una beretta 92 fs?
Silver the Cardboard: I'm the only one who watches these vids anymore.... I'm lonely...
JUSTIN CRAFT: i want it to
Catherine Keve: WHAT SONG IS THIS???
johana flores: Bien funciona

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