GET READY WITH ME // Christmas Shopping Day!

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Kristin Johns: I think get ready with me videos have become my favorite to film 🙈 Do you love them too?!

Juliet EM: Where did you get your cartilage earring from?? I see it on you all the time and I lovee it

Chyna Hinman: Hey Kristin! I love all of your videos and I watch them whenever I feel down! Can you tell me what bronzer brush you’re using in this video? It looks amazing! I’m in desperate need of a new one. Thanks!

Katie Blozusky: Real trees all the way!

Ryleigh Jones: real Christmas tree!!!!

Faith Drew: Natascha McElhone could be your mother :) so naturally gorgeous, strong features!

Bree Cranfill: Fake tree... our Christmas tree is 20 years old and is still in good condition and looks real.. if people want it for the smell they can just buy a pine candle! Getting a real tree every year is bad for the environment unless you have the space to replant the tree, and most people don't... makes me sad to see the waste leftover :/

emilee Janelle: I'm not really picky about what type of tree I have for Christmas because both look great with decorations and lights on them

Lauren Santos: Sadly we can’t have a real tree because when we were young my sister had an extreme allergic reaction to the tree so we just play it safe and have had a fake tree ever since! But your tree looks so beautiful I love watching ppl pick out the real trees it looks so fun 😍 maybe when I have a family of my own I will try to have a real one! ❣️

Sierra Dolch: Why does Lolita look great on everyone on youtube, like a rosy, orange red shade here, but looks crayon brown when I try it on in the store... sigh...

Carolyn: real Christmas tree!!!!

Aurora D.: You should look into, cruelty free brands were they don’t test on animals

NC: i loooove you kristin ! pleaseeee film a house tour <3333

Madi Rose: Kristin, you should make a intro for your videos :)

Sarah Walters: You need to try LimeLight foundation and mascara! It's a must, I absolutely love it! I have some videos going over the products if you want to check them out! Here is my link to the site!

HeyShae: REAL tree all the way! I'm from Portland and we have trees everywhere, why wouldn't we get a real one?? Plus I love the experience of going Christmas tree hunting with candy canes and apple cider, that's half of the holiday spirit. I understand when you live in states that don't have tree farms around it can get expensive and just difficult, but I hope that never happens!

Mary Trevelyan: Real tree! 🌲 🌲
Smells great, looks better and is more sustainable. Even if you reuse a plastic one it's eventually gonna end up in a land fill or floating in the ocean for hundreds of years! X

Sunshine Denny: can you & Marcus please do a video of what your dogs do while you guys are away? :)

Tayla-Jade: Does anyonne know something like fabfitfun but for australians?

sydney.andthecity: i'm am 110% for real christmas trees too!!!!!! they're just part of the tradition for me and nothing beats waking up to the smell on christmas morning as cliche as it is! 🎄
GET READY WITH ME // Christmas Shopping Day! 5 out of 5

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GET READY WITH ME // Christmas Shopping Day!