Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310, 3989 And 3366)

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Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310. 3989 and 3366)
Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310. 3989 and 3366)
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War sensor Zeus g2+ gear review
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Flames Tornado: If you're really skilled a 60$ mouse will not enhance your skill it will just do nothing.
Mouses that are not comfort or have high acceleration or bad sensors or latency are the only bottleneck to your skill not a cheap good mouse.
Please recommend some affordable mouses. Just give some care for low budget. Also a lot of gamers that have good amount of money to spend on pc don't spend it on high priced mouses.
I appreciate your work but not everyone is very rich. I know its a debate but even with debate but i think its not good that way. Anyways its your channel

Flames Tornado: None of them worth it. I will never pay 60$ for a mouse i better add 15$ and take a 240gb san disk ssd or just add 10$ instead of 15$ and. take a 2400mhz 8gb of ram.

Lavancer: Is a 3050 senor any good?

Noob_Muncher: Zy what is the song in this video I couldn't find it on your SoundCloud?

Aleksandr Mijáilovich Prójorov: I feel like 3366 is the most raw (precise), 3989 is the most responsive least proccessing but not as raw as the 3366 and 3310 I cannot say I did not use it.

Only_-_one_shot: What's the best sensor in market know ?

James Gonzales: is a3050 sensor any good?

Pandroix: is the 3310 sensor in zowie the same as PMW3310 in rival 300??

Leo .rist: 3366 and 3360 is same sensor ?

GiIIes: what is the best sensor now?

Rider King: Over 50% pro fps players use Zowie mouses which use 3310 sensor, that means that difference between these sensors is so small that even they dont notice it, which means that it's all about a shape and weight of the mouse.

The Great Western Trendkill: I like how you essentially say the DAE is the best mice here (snappy) but then push your subjectivity (smaller mice/smaller hands) viewpoint. I can understand that in this video because you talk about yourself. but you clearly shouldve ranked the DAE on top of the Zowies on the TOP20/40 lists then

vitacell1: Rocket Jump Ninja One question, I am a mouse obsessed freak. I have Roccat Kone Pure (laser, phantom white), DA Chroma, DA 3g (blue 2006-2007)(not much reviews or sensor's info about it), g100s, g400s, CM Xornet. I already had g502, but too bad shape for palm (Yeah I know that sensor is very good). I am palm grip (I have really big hand). Usually I see that shape of g400s and Roccat Kone Pure is the most comfortable for palm grip. What do you thing about it?

And of course (about sensor question, because this video is about them): here too much info about top optic sensors, and what about Roccat Kone Pure's A9800 sensor? and what do you thing about A9800 vs S3989? S3989 vs S3668? What is "more responsive S3989? less input lag sensor?

LEGIT YRN: What about he 3389? Is it good

Dova Pug: u r my go to mouse and pad reviewer good straight to the point vids

Peteru Avertis: My Zowie EC-2 A actually spins out on me at 400dpi (1000hz) and only 2.2 ingame CSGO sensitivity. Seemingly at random.
I have a new, clean cloth mouse mat and the sensor is also clean. No acceleration or smoothing enabled.

Any ideas why, or even how that is happening?

SALEEEH: can you please review skydigital nmouse 4k?

meat rubber: im so glad i bought the zowie celeritas, as now im addicted to zowie and will buy the zowie fk2

M.Daffa Apriyuda: So ? Wich One Is The Best ?

Please Give Me The Answer. I Can't Understand English Very Well.

asdf: i find the 3366 a little unforgiving, 3310 feels easier to just pick up and play, i own both
Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310, 3989 and 3366) 5 out of 5

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Abro Nny3: You stay truth to your programme and that's why i like it, good job.
TFfangeek: FANTASTIC REVIEW CHOSEN PRIME! Quick question which would you chose if you had to decide to get this toy or Transformers Universe Cheetor for $55.99? I can only afford to buy one of these toys, your opinion will help me. Thank you again for a great review. :)
rusty0076: is that jeff custom?
Troy G: why were the gtr front wheels tied up? they convert it to rwd or something?
TRIPLESEVENSIX: Skills man!! Well done. If I had a tenth of the talent I would be pleased. ;)
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Erik Yassin: Zionist tool :D

Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310, 3989 and 3366)