Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310, 3989 And 3366)

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Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310. 3989 and 3366)
Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310. 3989 and 3366)
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Max Schubert: +Rocket Jump Ninja
I really like your videos, keep up the good work! I have a serious question however:
On the forums I have read several times, that the PMW 3360 and 3366 (also its variants) suffer from inconsistent tracking of slow movements (especially when changing directions on very small and slow mouse movements that can occure during tracking of an enemy etc.) You can read up about it here:
(I recommend starting at the beginning although this thread features some very toxic people). But I would especially pay attention to the arguments of "Falkentyne" who describes these issues in detail, dating back to the introduction of the G502. It seems that in that regard the PMW 336x sensors perform worse than e.g. the PMW 3310 and its variants.

Another evidence of this problem can be found in this video:
where the poster experiments with a G303 as a linear sensor and registers much less tracking on small movements.
I would be glad if you could shed some light on that topic!


eppi123456789: i have owned over 15 mice from zowie to razer to logitech and i think the 3989 is the best i have ever used, razer deathadder

fishyboxes: u dont know me, but my name's cy.

b888: In 2018 if any mouse comes with 3310, I give it the middle finger salute!. 3360 or nothing (excluding the company exclusive sensors ofc).

the game: This test wrong guys, tests must be high speed , best 3366

Axel Löfström: william gillar detta

Tashi Neo: Do you suggest getting a mercury sensor or 3366 sensor for FPS gaming?

agfdsa123: Do you know PMW 3389?

Modern: Is there no other sensor manufacturer?

Bruno Oliveira: What is the most accurate sensor: Avago S3989 (Razer Deathadder Chroma) or Pixart PMW 3389 (Razer Deathadder Elite)?

Jeffrey Bozko: i bought Delux m625 with 3360 sensor for 18 usd on aliexpress, its so good.

objective truth: you forgot 3360

Vegalicious: 2:44 did you mean 3366 or 3360 there?

Dildacorn: You need a knew one of these! :)

Flames Tornado: If you're really skilled a 60$ mouse will not enhance your skill it will just do nothing.
Mouses that are not comfort or have high acceleration or bad sensors or latency are the only bottleneck to your skill not a cheap good mouse.
Please recommend some affordable mouses. Just give some care for low budget. Also a lot of gamers that have good amount of money to spend on pc don't spend it on high priced mouses.
I appreciate your work but not everyone is very rich. I know its a debate but even with debate but i think its not good that way. Anyways its your channel

Flames Tornado: None of them worth it. I will never pay 60$ for a mouse i better add 15$ and take a 240gb san disk ssd or just add 10$ instead of 15$ and. take a 2400mhz 8gb of ram.

Lavancer: Is a 3050 senor any good?

Jordan: Zy what is the song in this video I couldn't find it on your SoundCloud?

Aleksandr Mijáilovich Prójorov: I feel like 3366 is the most raw (precise), 3989 is the most responsive least proccessing but not as raw as the 3366 and 3310 I cannot say I did not use it.

Only_-_one_shot: What's the best sensor in market know ?
Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310, 3989 and 3366) 5 out of 5

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Sensor War: The Best Opticals (3310, 3989 and 3366)