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RawBeautyKristi: Hey guys - I hear your complaints and want to address them. I was reading through a reddit thread about this video, and some valid points came up about the look i created with the Palette. Saying there are a million interesting colors in here and THIS is the look I chose? Yeah - it is. I did a look that I didn't add into the video (it was with the turquoise & blue and gold and it looked like some weird sports team) so i ended up going with this.
I know its my due diligence as a YouTuber to work harder to create amazing looks with palettes to give them their full potential, and I feel I didn't do that with either this or the BH Zodiac Palette. I have been really off my game as far as shadows are concerned. BUT I will definitely be trying harder in upcoming videos to make cool and interesting looks for you guys. I also was coming back from a sickness in this video, so I was definitely off. - I will do better!

Erika leyva: Look more into the info about the pallete and why the colors are layed out the way they are πŸ˜‚πŸ™„ you'd understand more .. probably wouldn't bitch so much πŸ˜‚ cute look tho

Lauren Piantadosi: you're very talented and i love your personality <3

SalemGrimm: Vegan activist I have 0 issue with, however her being an anti-vaxxer I do draw massive problems with, awful, awful woman.

Laney Lu: I hear that cluster headaches are extremely painful. Like childbirth and more pain in your brain. You should talk about it more.

vonigner: Kat Von D is so vegan she wanna raise "vegan child, without vaccinations." Bleh.

katem: I agree! Bought it months ago and have not used it just because the colors dont worl well together ??

Chris: Girl this was like a huge dump on her!! It’s not a palettes I would pay for but I could do sm eye looks w it lol jusy looking the orange could go w the pink,the browns,red,like??

Mariana Campos: bitch....YOU KILLED THAT LOOK!!!! much love! xoxoxo

Meredith Durham: Please please please do a look using her 10th anniversary pallete!! My girlfriend just bought it for me and I’d really like some inspiration!! Maybe, a pride look!!??

kathryne lewis: Love this look so much! And I thought it was plenty creative!

gabriela martinez: I thought u were cool before never really watched you , but bitch u so negative. It’s a nice pallette! Pigmented and easy to blend

aseel Salman: Hi πŸ‘‹ l hope to get the palette 🎨 but there is no in my country please πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ

Sarah Hoizi: I know I am so late to the party - but damn girl, you are talented!! New sub πŸ˜πŸ‘

NerdyPanda Gaming: I actually love the layout. It leaves room for creativity instead of most pallets basically telling you what to do if that makes any sense.

Cindy Thomas: I just don't hate this look. The more I look at it the more I likes it.

Preciouse Valentin: This pallet confuses me I just don’t like it I could not buy this ever

stormi nicole norfolk: Actually I wouldn’t think Sabbath would be a black.... sabbath is a holy day I would think a blood red would fit better

Lauren McGuire: i like your eye look with this tho

Rhf Awad: Exaaaams and two days now since I slept and just caught myself taking notes..

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Aeon: @attjabb Slowmotion is an "effect" in the videoprogram, make sure your raw videofiles have enough framerate (50 fps +) for a smooth motion. Videoprograms check: "Sony Vegas", "Magix Video..." or for macs: "Final Cut". Greetz
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Kirrie Sushicat Γ΄.o: Hi! I've got a question about the fantasy doll body. I also want to make a shorty SD boy, he shall be smaller than his 60cm brother. The fantasy doll's homepage says that the body is 60cm, but in your video he is clearly shorter than the 61cm doll beside him. Is that the same body from the website or an old one that is not sold anymore?