4 Weirdest Ways To Curl Your Hair

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Curling My Hair ♥
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MarineLife4ever: The conair curl secret works wonders

Maleigha Kaye: I only watch this cuz if Lily

cassschw584 SHD: The first one your hair as to be wet

Amy Diy: I am an Irish step dancer


olivia plaia: I have the curl secret and it actually works really well for me

Lucy Seibert: The 2nd one only works if you know how to do it, but if you do it works really well

Cindy Smith: to be more specific the foam curlers.

Cindy Smith: that is SOO FUNNY i sometimes still use those for really tight curls :)

Daphne Miller: I’m a champion level Irish dancer and I would pay to see Megan dance!

ivy Cat34: The air curler is for when your hair is wet I think

Madie plays msp!: I have those exact sleep on curlers in right now. They are kind of painful but effective

jamilexi jimenez: who is also in 2017 and misses megan on beauty break

gracie curtis: I own the curl secret and it works great... i also own the pink and white one

K: They acted like idiots in this video.

Bella Luna: The curl secret is actually really easy to use u guys just fail at life😂😂love u tho😘

Glitter , glow: The second one traps ur hair and rips it out😭

Maya Wainright: Omg I’m watching YouTube videos and the same ad comes up and it’s for a scary movie and uuugghhh

Chelsea Rayner Vlogs: I have that curl secret thing it's really good 😊

MidNightMoon: I have that type of curler with the plastic around the wand lol it works very well
4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair 5 out of 5

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4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair