Thruster (jetpack) Review! - GTA Online Guides

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Thruster (jetpack) review! - GTA Online guides
Thruster (jetpack) review! - GTA Online guides
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WayToGo Paul: There’s also a glitch where when you go forward in a straight line, any missiles shot at you blow up before they hit you. I often use this to drain Oppressors and Deluxos of their missiles, which sort of acts as a try hard repellent.

PaleBlueDotCitizen: No mention of how to spawn it and how close it spawns, on hills, away from roads etc. No mention of replacement cost when destroyed. Really? Why bother with these videos? Useless.

Jurek Łopuszański: I would crap myself if somebody told me to fly this thing ;0

The Bleach: Just buy the mkll opresser it’s better

Fortnite is. decent: a 3.7 million dollar jetpack ? seems reasonable

Bigbang Beatboxer: So how do you sell it

Super Sayian Pubes: That ending freaked my eyes

john cena: Noob jetpack sucks

Cheese-O-Mac12: Do you have to research the weapons?

NatureXwars: Almost 1 year later, I have decided that this will be the more fitting spawn-beside-u flyable PV for me than the Opressors & Deluxo. I like the more realistic aspect of its existence & controls compared to those 3 which all have earned terrible reputations through f-ing tryhards & griefers! Plus it's much more casual & relaxing to fly around in. Now I just have to wait for a more reasonable discounted price of it considering its unpopularity & impracticality by most ppl.

rodney smith: It’s like a buzzered but Without a mini gun

BashfulAsh: I like my jet pack. Im very far through the gane and own many weaponized vehicles, but this one is one of my favorites, simply because you can fly in those hard to reach areas easily. Definitely not a smart purchase for people who still have facilities bunkers or businesses to buy. But it is fun nevertheless

Bag Head: before doomsday OMG WE FOUND THE JETPACK OMG after doomsday who gives a crap about this crap

EvacTouch: cool a jetpack

Colbluber: Literally just a smaller and slower buzzard with terrible missiles

Colbluber: Worst vehicle in the entire game

Cooler: The thruster is so hard to control for me and it’s so easy to crash. I hate it.

ThatOneGuy47: Can you customise it in a Moc?

KingGhidorahofDeath2020 { Aka HydragonofDeath }: thats one durable jetpack XD

The Crazy Noodle: Im 7.1k like!!!!!
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Thruster (jetpack) review! - GTA Online guides