Wizard Product Review Live 22-4-15

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The EfX: Guys buy a Steadicam that can extract so you can get from the monopod mode to Steadicam mode and move freely

2000WTube: Pink is not reliable at all, quick review...
There are big residue issues (especially on white paper) so the ink does not vanish completely..

Daniel Rhodes: Thanks for telling me how did you get too play 😄😄😄

Daniel Rhodes: Are you really going too send him that biscuit if so that's tight

Daniel Rhodes: Hi wizard product review its me daniel you saw me at Blackpool this year and last year I love the show and you're work thank you

Daniel Rhodes: Yes is that true a I love graig he is the life of the wizard product review

Katalyzt: Interesting review ★★★★★


CARL DE ROME: RAN PINK EFFECT looks brill, already use his CUT EFFECT and boy have I had some fun with that effect when i was in hospital at the start of this year, freaked the surgeon and nurses out when they came round for a blood test after the opperation.

Gregor Mann: I love Chris and also your jokes on him :)

pelicantrapperTV: Also will we be seeing Craig this year?

pelicantrapperTV: Great show guys thanks.    David it is Alex Linian on the GONZO dvd NOT Jose LaC'Quest.   Normally don't care but Alex deserves a shoutout because his teaching is so good.

Mind of Yano: nice
Wizard Product Review Live 22-4-15 5 out of 5

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Meep Meeps: I've tried the Asylum Challenge several times in the past, the longest I managed to lose 2 of the sims two a huge stove fire because the idiots just stood there patting their asses and screaming. Sadly for them my sim was at work, she had the brave trait and puts fires out like a champ!
ExtraCheesy87: I don't see what you mean. You have to degenerate your digimon to get anywhere in this game.
Krumple Themal: flaming c the movie!
hryank33: Do you know any deck of cards that will help me to know if the card is right side up or upside down but less noticeable?Please send me link.
Thank You.

gimmieah beer: i hate when other countrys have american cars like drive a bmw or something lol
Carl Deaton: when I was younger there was a used action figure store and I got a bunch of the old woks over the course of a few years, but they were all missing stuff like hoods or weapons, so my dad made actual leather hoods for them and small spears and stone axes. I had a few other friends at school who were in the same subset of star wars figure fans as me and had their own "tribes" of ewoks, but mine were deemed the coolest because of the custom stuff.
Jen Peace: I love the intro music!! The hotel looks nice even with the odd bed configuration. The food looked great.

Wizard Product Review Live 22-4-15