Chinese Restaurant Exposes Lying Yelp Review With Video Proof Ft. Anthony Lee

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MMM GGG: How people even call them self yelpers it’s so insulting

MMM GGG: Hi is just piece of crap

MMM GGG: Most of people who write bad reviews on yelp are insane people having a psychological problem

d v: im a business owner, this was a yelp drive by by a competitor. he was slow, went to the other guys place, just looked around to see how busy they were, then left. this is an easy one

Andy M: This is an example of why review providers should be required to have complete name and address information about reviewers available to the business owners. This is flat out extortion of businesses allowing negative unproven reviews to be advertised to the public.

TAEKOOK TAEMIN: Bruh I think I know that restaurant and I been there.

biobiobio7777: I stopped paying attention to yelp reviews and just looked at the pictures. I gave up when someone went on a rant about how the curtains didn't match the walls or ceilings, some guy complained that there was no parking space and that there was too many people. Granted, some are helpful, they have recommendations, they tell you how to approach the restaurant or if there is a wait time. But, in general I just look at the pictures if the restaurant doesn't have pictures for ALL of the menu items.

JYFNHG: Joe: Put that in a freakin' journal you freakin' idiot!

The Edit: TUMBLR!

Me: is a frequent Tumblr user and quite frankly really likes it is dying laughing because it's so true

Kevin C: someone make a yelp review for yelp, on yelp. Yelp seems to be like an echo chamber for whinny guests.

ADVENTURES with Christian: I lost 24, 5 star ratings after I told Yelp I wasn't interested in advertising with Yelp. Please check out the video I did about how Yelp is only for paying businesses.

Key: The epitome of yelp, js

Jesse USA: It is sad people pull crap like that.

Clee4000: They got to give the Yelp elite that spacial treatment. Boogers and Cum!

Tim c: Julia, why cant she ever articulate herself? ie explanations, reiteration, etc.

Andy Mo: Why are asians so fake?

Jim Mitchell: freak yelp . extortion company

Elbottoo: god damn got owned. but asian girl learn how 2 read faster...damn that was some slow ass crap.

Paradox The Vegabond: Watching old JK videos and jeez julia has come along way. I can barely watch the old videos where shes trying to explain articles lol.

babicakes123: Anthony is Bf goals for life.

Second Thought: Don't trust YELP, they are scammers!!
Chinese Restaurant Exposes Lying Yelp Review With Video Proof ft. Anthony Lee 5 out of 5

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MMM GGG: How people even call them self yelpers it’s so insulting
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Chinese Restaurant Exposes Lying Yelp Review With Video Proof ft. Anthony Lee