Betta Fish Haul

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HUGE Betta Fish Haul! | Alyssa Nicole |
HUGE Betta Fish Haul! | Alyssa Nicole |
Betta Fish Haul
Betta Fish Haul
PetSmart Betta Fish Reviews? Abuse or Died on You?
PetSmart Betta Fish Reviews? Abuse or Died on You?
I'm Getting A Betta
I'm Getting A Betta

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Alex Solache: I do believe there are silk plants for Bettas as well

ImImagine: Im getting a male betta fish tmr. My sister is getting a female betta fish tmr. But my mom only allows us to use a small fish bowl. Is it okay?

Ash Paws: Awesome video! Right now I have one Veiltail Betta fish called Titus and he lives in the Aqueon Betta Bowl. It came with aquarium gravel, an artificial plant, water conditioner and food. Not long after we got the Betta fish, we got him some dehydrated bloodworms for a treat! He loves them!

living with katherine: i need to buy a snail!?!!? or fish?!?? what is it that u sell again

Jacob S: pounds is not money pounds is weight

curly6606 happy: Hi thanks for the video we had a look at a Betta fish they are beautiful when will you be getting yours so excited for the next video. Good luck with everything.

Bunny Basics: How exciting :D

JJ Random: I have a betta fish, named Charlie! He is really fun to watch. They are told to live for a year, but I think Charlie is going to go past a year. Anyways nice stuff and video! Can't wait to meet your new betta fish!

Sheywh12: This is kewl Now your getting a pet I know a lot about LOL!! Do they sell Beta pellets they are so good for the Bettas keeps their colors real bright and helps them live longer..I've always scooped my Bettas up with hands :-) Oh sweetie did you know Bettas can live without heater, lamp or pump..Did you get a big tank sweetheart, if so you can add tetras with Betas they do great together if you ever want to enlarge & give him company🤗🤗...Love the decorations!! You must have gotten a real large Area for him!!! Can't wait to see the Beta Everyone always goes for the males as they are so beautiful What type of Beta are you getting? The crowns are so beautiful with their fins flowing out more than the regular betas fins..Looking forward to seeing him or her real soon!!! take care Shey

Allie Jones: I just got a beta fish too! his name is bubbles and he is in a 10 gallon tank with hot pink gravel rocks, and colorful fake plants, and an Anna and Elsa tank decorations lol. We also got food, filter, and a fish net :)

alice stockburn: I own bettas (one in kitchen one in bedroom) I found their colours brighter on a tetra food just for bettas

PetsWithFurryPaws: yay I guessed right on Instagram hehe! so exciting! amazing haul, I'm thinking of getting bettas myself :) x

Windmill Farm: great haul can't wait to see the betta and the tank 😀

boscoitalics: aww i love bettas! i had my first one for 2 yrs :) Spooky :) cause i bought him on halloween

Just so that everyone is aware, I have owned two Betta Fish in the past, as well as a tropical fish tank and several cold water tanks. I have been doing lots of research before purchasing any items and planning to get a Betta, but I do also already have experience in keeping them. It definitely wasn't an impulse buy, I have been planning this since early January. :) However any tips are welcome!!

Chestnut Dinosaur: With the fish food you may want to check the date. I'm not sure if you are aware but the Aquarian fish food has had some batches with salmonella in (you can just search up Aquarian salmonella or something similar to bring up the affected ones). I brought some recently from Pets at Home and it was fine (cold water one) but worth checking to make sure 😊. I love setting up fish tanks and trying to make them look good, but everything is so expensive, I think that you got a good deal with the plants, I bought about 3 softer plants from there and spent £20. Soft plants are more expensive I think! Can't wait to see your fishy friend!

Meow: In terms of weekend foods, I personally wouldn't recommend using them, they can pollute your water. I would just feed it before you leave.
However if you will use them it's best to trial them whilst you're still at home to see if they cause any harm to your fish or not.
Anyway good luck with your fish and thank you for saying the prices for each item, it's very helpful.

I'm a human: if you haven't already could you do a time lapse of setting up the tank?

Fionascoyne: Awesome!

Everythings Grace: first and great
Betta Fish Haul 5 out of 5

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Alex Solache: I do believe there are silk plants for Bettas as well
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Betta Fish Haul