How To Do A Flying Arm Bar By Submissions 101

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Flying Triangle
MMA 101 - BJJ - Armbar taught by Carlos Neto
MMA 101 - BJJ - Armbar taught by Carlos Neto How to do a Flying Armbar w/ Lucky Gi How to do a Flying Armbar w/ Lucky Gi
Starting from knees: TAKEDOWN/ARMBAR combo!
Starting from knees: TAKEDOWN/ARMBAR combo!
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Gogoplata And Locoplata - From Closed Guard!

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joseph almeciga: Yeah in my jiu jitsu class

joseph almeciga: I did that to my Jiu Jitsu partner

Hmorton Films: I've used this so much in sparring thanks for the help

Saad Armouti: Eren vs Reiner

Bensalah Youcef: really stupid tecnique in marshal arts

Ian Bonner-Swedish: Rest in Peace Aaron

Calamity: Hello. I was sparring 2 months ago and my opponent got me into an armbar. I didn't tap until my arm was about to break and since then i am injured... It wont go away... Whenever i try to shadowbox or do anything else that puts strain on my arm it itches... Is this ever gonna go away? i thought i ll rest 20 days and then train again but i see no improvement at all...

Norshkovanov Bovski: nice flying arm bar . how about flying risk lock and flying triangle choke can you do that.

anthony crisci: left leg into ribs not around the body and once right leg is around the head ya can brace with the left or left hand can hold help the right hand. their way will also work too

Jeha: Oh.

Joey Portier: Is this move part of JJJ or BJJ?

talleybrown: Probably my favorite move

Abeid Mitchell: RIP

69multimagic: suction my mouth!

Ajani Reyes: Thx

goldsilverandiamonds: Nice move!

Silat Urban: RIP Aaron Ram, thanks so much for your dedication for martial arts.

dean baranek: THATS freakING O.G. crap RIGHT THERE!!

Tsogo Ayurzana: Description says Aaron had car accident in 2008 and after in 2010 another car accident killed him?

urdu abdo: amazing slow motion. but, i still have a problem with the jump
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How to do a  Flying Arm Bar by Submissions 101