Nobel Mass Murder Prize | Brainwash Update

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Nobel Mass Murder Prize   Brainwash Update
Nobel Mass Murder Prize Brainwash Update
A long history of controversial Nobel Peace Prize winners
A long history of controversial Nobel Peace Prize winners
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AURORA - Murder Song (5. 4. 3. 2. 1)
Three share Nobel Medicine prize for tropical disease drugs
Three share Nobel Medicine prize for tropical disease drugs
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Carolyn: Yup its all lies darling..........

Jhony S: I miss this abby

richard sauerheber: As a scientist I always thought it would be neat to win a Nobel Prize. But after thinking about it in this light I'm not so disappointed after all. I do however like the President for many reasons and is far better than the alternative.

Greg Mccarron: You forgot to mention Menachem Begin, but good segment nonetheless.

ralucada123: ahahahaha.... so TRUE!!!!

carey g. butler: Whoa! This one tells it like it is!

Zeno1999: These leeches may get stomped once 99% have had enough of their bull crap. I don't have problem with rich, it's their low intelligence and interference in the gov't that going to back fire. Economy is not a rocket science. This whole crashing it is their pretext for WWIII. As before, in 1929. They may even seize gold which they are selling now like hot cakes. This time it is easier than in the 1930s.

logic109: Zionist Puppet!

John Cullison: To those of you faulting the mess-up -- if she hadn't made that mistake, would the rest of it somehow be more true?

mv venkataraman: Obama was given peace prize to lay foundation/ For making hope-inundation and peace-circulation/ He also cannot make an objection and so rejection/ Entire World, recession was giving damn botheration/ For World's protection, he was given with affection He simply made a donation to a charitable organization/ His mission was never at all Nobel Prize possession/ It was doing with fore vision perfect administration/ Nobel action was a consideration for stopping botheration/

mv venkataraman: Of course, truth is there in this clip I feel For all the dead, to pray I with love kneel Here Swedish Academy must wisely deal Hearts of all souls, Peace Prize must heal To this sacred World, I very kindly appeal To arrange for every soul every day meal Alfred Nobel was single with a will of steel His wealth, like politicians, none can steal.

soulstormyweather: Uhh no?? Wtf is so 'cool' about making dumbass statements about blowing up armies to help bring in peace to the world? Last i checked, yea, that's just your basic order out of chaos talk. And no, his crap foundation hasnt done a thing to 'better' humanity, as most of its recipients were control freak, anti-human trash just like the CFR and Bilderbergs claim their groups are for the 'betterment of mankind' when its 100% deductive and destructive.

soulstormyweather: Not only that, he was a racist piece of crap too, and running the KKK right out of the WH, and wrote about how an elite liberal class needs to be above the working class and just your basic aristocratic garbage.

Zeno1999: No doubt, Alfred Nobel was noble. Today peace prize is handed out as "politically correct" gesture.

Zeno1999: W. Wilson also allowed formation of federal reserve in 1913. No country allows a private entity to print their currency ! Professional politicians = criminals, with very few exceptions.

UnseenAdict420: Nobel stabilized Nitroglycerin; he didn't make the most powerful explosive, he just refined the freak outta it. Last I checked, which was never, his family used to run a mine & kept losing workers to Nitroglycerin. He saved lives. He became filthy freaking rich. & he made a foundation in an attempt to better humanity. Seems like a pretty cool guy to me.

Nick Chapereal: NOBEL= BS

madmaxxmad2: According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo, President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples". - Hmmm.... Yeah right.

madmaxxmad2: Obama is a murderous dictator who is changing our country for the worst.

madmaxxmad2: He was also nominated for the most influential man of the century. Which negative influence but true.
Nobel Mass Murder Prize | Brainwash Update 5 out of 5

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Nobel Mass Murder Prize | Brainwash Update