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Robert Periwinkle: Lol 3DS and Wii U. Both consoles with names that make them sound like small upgrades of their successful predecessors. Nintendo was really trying to ride it's own coattails last generation.

aljohn pantaleon: Loona plays this game

Damian Prentice: I'm here because my body needs that Animal Crossing Switch. All the AC content I need in my life.

I give up on life: Kap’ns songs are adorable

I like lines: who's here because of the switch announcement?

KINGOFGUITAR2101: How do I wait for the switch one

Pie Crust: The quests are too easy

Northern Stompboxes: Do you still have to play this game everyday lest your friends fall out with you.

I had the DS one and loved it but didn’t play it for a week and all the residents got in a huff and left

A Person: Yeah I’m still playing this game in 2018 y’all

Emilia Xi: I was obsessed with watching this video while waiting for my game to arrive. Sweet nostalgia~❤️

BloodWolfGaming92: "100's of hours of gameplay." is no joke. When you have a game world clock/calendar that syncs to the real world clock/calendar, you have something always happening: from holiday events, fish and bugs that can only be caught during a certain time or season...you will play this game for a year at least. Unless you are super proficient and timely or just cheat and alter your system's clock...you won't be 100% completing this game in 1 year. I have been working on my current play-through for a year and a half now and I just finally managed to get reach the peak level of town satisfaction. With thousands of different items with some being locked to events or characters, you will always have something to strive for in this game.

Ed D: I finally got this game and I can't believe the game revolves real time. Let's see how it goes after 1 week.

ShyNess: Who is waiting for a new Animal Crossing?^^

ThatCanadianGamer: Get this girl to review more!

Kelly Seastar: I like how different clothing has different effects on your character. If you are wearing a t-shirt during cold weather, you'll shiver but if you wear a long sleeve shirt during hot weather you will sweat.

Thomas Dunne: Can I have just as much fun without multiplayer or a connecting online also a fruits and those cool Nintendo items still available to obtain without venturing outside the town?

Eric Thompson: Anyone still playing this game in April 2018?

Leo Caldwell: 9.6 with no cons?

Sasuke Uchiha: This game looks boring, why everyone love's it explain to me please

MUDKAPPIN: This game makes me so happy
IGN Reviews - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Video Review 5 out of 5

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Calvin Busch: Why doesn't anyone make a mod that makes boats invincible? I mean, seriously, they break way too easily.... qq
David Oses: Why did you connect the pump to the cpu_fan instead of the pump_fan connector?
Hernesto Fuentes.: Dd. Las. Venden
JK 241: how does final cut compare on imac pro?
how much faster is the imac pro?

aDay InTheLife: I really wanted to watch your video but I just couldn't sit through a 5+ minute commercial.
MeandMyRides: Do we need some special permission to ride on these trails or I can just take my bike and I'm good to go ?
MANUEL CAMPEAN: lindo Review ! pero entre esta Asus y una GTX 970 GAMING cual es mejor en rendimiento ? gracias

IGN Reviews - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Video Review