IGN Reviews - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Video Review

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Boba The Fetter: Can I have just as much fun without multiplayer or a connecting online also a fruits and those cool Nintendo items still available to obtain without venturing outside the town?

Eric Thompson: Anyone still playing this game in April 2018?

Leo Caldwell: 9.6 with no cons?

Sasuke Uchiha: This game looks boring, why everyone love's it explain to me please

MUDKAPPIN: This game makes me so happy

Jadams01: I've never had a real life

Syuna: Lol addicting no it’s not u don’t really do anything in this game there’s no story or anything just errands

FroakieTrainer54: The fact that this game is only 20 bucks is probably the biggest bargain of all time

dj X.A.N.A: My girlfriend bought me this game and now I can't stop playing it

Justin Johnson: "where you'll sometimes find a Metroid" shows picture of Samus

Hungryfirl P.: I really need this in my life!!!!!

Tommy Culpepper: Just say 10/10 damnit

たかしちゃん: 動物の森はとてもいいゲームです。ぜひ皆さんにもおすすめですよ!!
Animal crossing is so good and no stress game.I recommend this one for you.yhank you

Hermaeus Mora: I like how it's only 20$

TrueHylian: Waited in line for 5 hours for this game when it first came out a few years ago

Cye Monkey: Yea but it looks worse than the gamecube XD

Link the Saiyan Prince: I didn't know IGN actually has fair reviews. Kirby Triple Deluxe:"This game is too easy and there's no reason for anyone over 12 to play it"

rsuc: I just brought the new 2ds xl to get this game omg too cute

the hecter: This is definitely on my top 10 games list. May even be my favourite game of all time!

funny liam harrow: i dont see the difference between donkey kong country returns 3d and animal crossing new leaf
donkey kong is an ANIMAL CROSSING to the right side of the screen
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IGN Reviews - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Video Review