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محمد خالد الأحبابي Mohammed.Khalid Al-ahbabi: good
çağrı emre akgül: merhaba ben lenslerimi degistircem iş hayatında rahat kullanabilicegim marka varmidir
TheAwesomeMRAwesome: I would probably like Natalie Portman more, but I still haven't forgiven her for Padme.
Megan M: GORGEOUS!  Thanks for sharing.  I LOVE natural black hair.  Who needs itch ass weaves. Women just need to learn how to style their natural hair.   Whatever u did I saw four styles that were beautiful.  Sky is the limit when u have good products and the know how.  Please make more videos so other black women can see how awesome natural black hair can be.  All i hear them complain about is how much time it takes and how Halle Berry is rich and can afford stylists... well please show EASY fast affordable hair styles.  So my friends can see IT CAN BE DONE!  Thanks
Лера Максеева: У меня все есть которые ты перечислила кроме рарити
WinterTheeHedgekitty: I can't wait to go with the whole 6th grade!
Vic Eli: I just bought the Pacific Dusk for 20 bucks at the thrift 2day

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