Sling TV Review (vs YouTube TV)

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Sling TV Review (vs YouTube TV)
Sling TV Review (vs YouTube TV)
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kevboogie: So Netflix, Hulu, and a sling tv subscprtion? That seems like a cable bill. Just get cable.

Jonathan Skaggs: Hey dude if you want local sports all you got to do is throw up an antenna...... why pay for local channels that are free

William Knisley: YouTube TV has all local and is missing turner and Viacom right? Hulu covers a lot of what YouTube tv is missing

Wyatt Sexton: I actually bought a good HD Outdoor Antenna. I switch to local channels on my SMART TV for College Football, NASCAR, NFL games, World Series. And my SMART TV has a usb port to install a Memory stick. This makes my live Antenna channels capable of recording up to 90 minutes of "live" content. Then I use the Sling TV App for $20 for other channels. And I use the Playstation VUE $29 package(i'm still paying the old price). I'm saving about $50 a month VS Comcast Cable.

Antonio Smith: You mentioned in your video that you wish you could download content from Netflix. Now, you can download some, not all content from Netflix.

Kenji: Sling TV crashed big time yesterday evening for a couple of hours.

Don Howard II: Just a tip. I got the Fire TV BOX for streaming over the wireless sticks because it has an Ethernet connection so that you can connect directly to the to your wireless router. Internet speed is considerably slower when using wireless versus being directly connected to the router with an Ethernet cable. A direct connection will get you better speed and a much better picture and experience.

Nando: I still prefer ps vue but the sport is not that good

Michael De Leon: Been thinking about trying them myself so I can kill the $100 plus dish bill. I already have netflix/hulu and prime, so I think sling may fill any holes. Would love to see your take on Hulu's live tv service.

Robin Cobb: What's so bad about using an antenna?

BIGMAN CLASSIFIED: for spectrum internet only get all local broadcast plus cable channels $19.95 then add sport pack $12...about $31. use spectrum tv app from play store not being forced by youtube to use chrome cast. i just dont like youtube tv. no cnn, cartoon network etc..rubbish

J Moore: Last year we had PlayStation Vue with Red Zone for NFL football. However, this year I did a cost comparison and Sling Blue with Red Zone (sports package extra) won out. Since we live in the country, antenna viewing is out, so also added CBS All Access for live AFC coverage. With Sling, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, we got plenty of programming to choose from. I do wish Sling would sign with Fox News Channel, but I found its available through You Tube, Pirated I'm sure, but if its available, I will watch it. We quit CenturyTel cable a few years back and dont miss it or the high cable bill! I love being able to pick and choose what services I want when I want it.

wadamang: Will you review Hulu Live TV and compare it to sling TV?

So Kawaii: Hulu tv anyone?

Joe Bob: Soon as I heard YouTube tv had commercials AND ads I was done šŸ™„šŸ™„šŸ™„

DeVstatrOmga: I've had Sling TV for over a year and No regrets Been enjoying the content, low monthly payments and can see it through any device.

Marechal Michal Ney: First

Lost Legacy: Compare Hulu tv, sling tv, youtube tv, PlayStation vue, and directv now
Sling TV Review (vs YouTube TV) 5 out of 5

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Sling TV Review (vs YouTube TV)