Coconut Oil And Salt Scrub

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Maham Nadeem: I tried this and have cuts over my body😂

Jayanthi M: As i live in hot place Chennai, it will melt. Can this be refrigerated. If so whts the shelflife. Pls reply

Chintan Ghelani: what can be used instead of coconut oil. In India the coconut oil is always in liquid form as the temperature never dips below 25degrees.

Angela Sanders: A drop of Lavender oil too....leaves the body and face calm and relaxed...

WndrWmn72 A: I ordered the island coconut oil just so I can make this scrub. Not only was ordering a positive experience but the scrub was amazing! Especially the scent! Thank you for sharing! :)

glitterglamscrapper: Do you need to add preservatives in scrubs? If not how long can they last? Thank you for your videos I love to watch them.

Trina Grant: Do I need a preservative for this scrub

Bella Rina: Hello. Thank you for the tutorial! I can't seem to find "Island Coconut Fragrance Oil" at popular places like for example Amazon. Can I sub for something else, or just skip it all around? Thank you. :)

vishal sharma: Thanks for this I made it and it's wonderful scrub

Miss D: I saw in one of the other comments you said that the defractionated coconut oil can be subbed for sweet almond or avocado so I have a few questions.
1. Does it solidify with the sweet almond oil or the avocado oil? I would not want a scrub that has a loose consistency.
2. Does substituting the defractionated oil for almond or avocado, make the recipe lose anything?
3. Does the amounts of oil differ when using others based on their properties?

Larissa Jones: what other oil can be used instead of defractionated coconut oil?

Caroline Silva: Is it normal for the oil and salt to completely separate when the coconut oil solidifies?? It's never completely mixed !

Edi B: Where can get the salt in bulk?

Dana T: Mine won't get thick like yours. What can I do?

anamoonana: how can i to store it? and for how many days its work?

d3monbrid3: Hello madam, i was wondering, If I don't have any fractionated coconut oil is it possible to use sweet almond oil?

Mary Bly: Does this need a preservative?

myfergz: Can the coconut oil from brambleberry be used for the hair

Mike Young: hi there can I use it to scrub my face once a day or once a week? thanks!

Jeani Dupuis: What is the shelf life for this bath salt?
Coconut Oil and Salt Scrub 5 out of 5

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Coconut Oil and Salt Scrub