Let's Play Deadly Premonition P. 23 - Heart-To-Heart

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RoughThief: Wow her singing SUCKS. Even I sing less off key

christylbk: if you look at the picture of george's back when he showed his back its possible to match the picture with the reverse peace sign we see at the end of this episode. hmmm.

TheWaterdog6: You know, Im sure this seems random but I bet you would be really good at the Darksouls and Bloodborne series. It has a lot of hard to collect lore and you seem to be very skilled in telling all about lore.

mythicalm: okay so like i dunno i could be way off, but i totally think george's mother isn't "sick", i think she's straight up dead.

stephencbarrett: So Zack isn't just the player, It is agent York's Tulpa. This is the only game I can think of where you play someones Tulpa. I wish the concept was better know. It could be a grate story telling device.

stephencbarrett: Don't lie about what?

No thanks: Kaysen seems like a likely suspect. Sells red saplings.
What grows red saplings? Red seeds probably.
The lumbermill where first murder occurred had what were described as "blood-red" wood in the first area.
Also, the red room not only has a red theme to it, but the map of America on the left side of the red room had a statue of a "fat man" that was wearing kaysen's outfit on the space of the state where this town is located.

It's all coming together, Zach.

I hope this isn't a red herring.

Linalool E31 Studio: SPOILER ALERT:Willie is a troll.

Patricia Gonzalez: Kaysen seems fishy to me.

Heatranoveryou: Looking through the comments i'm surprised no one has said they think Carol is the killer. In fact its quite the opposite, they think she should have been killed for alphabetical purposes. My first hint was that in Diane's profiling the killer had long hair but I couldn't think of any female possibilities since they all have been murdered. Then Carol shows up and has peace signs everywhere.

Foagik: 16:20 and cut to credits

Daemon Surge: I've heard that the Typewriter brand of typewriters was very good back in the day.

Jaspertine: Is it just me, or is Carole's song complete gibberish? I recognize words here and there, but they don't come together to make any coherent statements.

Juan Armando Puente Elizondo: York she clearly wants the D !
But well if women in this town found kinky to be impaled by branches, im sure emily its finding your tragic backstory totally hot

nstsgr: while everything seems to be against kaysen ..then the "locked room" problem.. got to say i dont wanna kaysen to be the murderer.. he seems like a good guy :/

tsukikagenoknight: Really? No one is going to mention the fact that upon being rescued from a Deathtrap that she stood up and started to talk about an art piece of an erotic tree, even though she was gutted and slit open and had a mouth and stomach full of reds seeds, she just stood up and busted into a tour guild speech. No one wants to mentions that? At all? Nobody? Okay, moving on.

Edit: Okay game, you went from quirky and cool to adding kinky onto that...um...game, do we need to have a talk here?

Voxel Composer: Typewriter® brand typewriters: "We make typewriters."

Arvid Kirkbakk: Why, yes. Let's take it chill in the wake of a supremely bizarre death and follow this dog. EMILY, PUT THE GODDAMN SAX ON NOW

roflrandomguy: seeing as how these murders are almost going alphabetically, one must ask themselves why did the murderer kill Diane instead of Carol? Is the serial killer such a jerk that he left the mean sour woman alone so that she could continue to irritate people with her 'tude and singing, or did he just think it would be too out of the way and not worth hearing her again to kill her.

ElvenRaptor: Yeah, like a real dalmatian would ever be as calm as Willy.
Let's Play Deadly Premonition p. 23 - Heart-To-Heart 5 out of 5

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RoughThief: Wow her singing SUCKS. Even I sing less off key
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Let's Play Deadly Premonition p. 23 - Heart-To-Heart