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Ania Wiśniewska: Gdzie kupiłaś replikę triangl ?? :)
Luke Enno: Drew Bledsoe's career has been maligned by the fact Tom Brady 'took his job'. However, from 1993-00, Bledsoe was on an arc akin to Dan Marino. He was a prolific passer. His passing yards, attempts and completion totals in several seasons were very gaudy and/or led the league. His teams were competitive for the playoffs many times. Brady rightfully took his job. But Bledsoe was one of the best QBs in the NFL during the 1990s and might have been a HOF-level QB but for Brady. But NE probably does not win SBs with Bledsoe. Hard to imagine Bledsoe doing what Brady did.
Jillian Rose: How do I
Connect it to wifi

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teacat1019: 覺得美 :-)
HISAKO N: タンクナイホウガイイ
Tamil Selvan Kandasamy: Sid ode character eh village character nu solraru. lol. RIP movie reviewing

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