Ratchet FL~32yr Old Hoodrat Gets Naked At Dunkin' Donuts In Order To Join A Dance Troop

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AD NYC: Stop hating

Clearwater Guy: Is this a drag queen?

Terhan Wade: you are doing great I love your videos

Koda Santiaga: lmao they said she was "scaring the customers off" ; i mean damn, she would scare niggas off with clothes on !

M W: She’s an idiot.

S Alaka: She's 32?????

Anastasia Dior: Something is probably wrong with her

Eddie Payne: She cute but crazy

Curtistine Miller: I DONT WANT NO MO DONUTS!.

kurt caron: Wish you eould strip naked at ihop

A Hamilton: look at her mugshot bruh she has a mental health diagnosis

Hyasmine: In 2017..this ain't even suprising anymore. This is the norm now.

jewelz cannon: I wonder if she made the team

Cyanoxic Rose: She looks like Oblina from that Nickelodeon show "Aaahh! Real Monsters"

cookieinpalmbeach: Meanwhile, hoes on South Beach topless with a string up their asses

Vanora Star: I'm 15 and I wouldn't do that

Jacob Johnson: Lovely ti i love your lips

G. L. House: least she had the guts to do it, shout out to her.

Miss Kay: That face is about to give me nightmares

more biz: I love you -you remind me of my grandmother"buttnaked" is a word she would use
Ratchet FL~32yr old hoodrat gets naked at Dunkin' Donuts in order to join a dance troop 5 out of 5

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norske92: Good job my man great video obviously most of people watching this never worked that hard in their life... Coming from a crab fisherman and have fished most my life believe it or not now I just sell firewood out of the Pacific Northwest with my big flatbed 1-ton my chainsaw and Axe and I go about it the same way sometimes I have to stay the night there but I always split on-site and then stack anyway good work keep it up it's great to see one excel in his environment
Charles Lano-Bucklin: Ok I found it. Hi Brian!
Karolina Varga: I used the tamper also and got a mushy puree.  I will be trying the wet method mix.
Александр Валиев: Собянин в этом деле молодец,очень поднял парки Москвы.
Treeky Galvan: no free books?
Dogs Del: Red coming :D

Ratchet FL~32yr old hoodrat gets naked at Dunkin' Donuts in order to join a dance troop